Do you want to learn to sew, but don’t dare to start your first project because you are still unsure? Are you looking for step-by-step instructions to guide you through your first beginner sewing project? Would you like to learn more about helpful equipment that will help you learn to sew? Then you’ve come to the right place on the BERNINA blog. Here you’ll find lots of sewing tutorials and articles with tips and tricks for sewing beginners as well as useful knowledge about different sewing techniques, patterns and sewing equipment. Beginner projects are often small bags or pouches, on which, for example, the correct sewing of a zipper can be learned.

A new pattern: How do I proceed?

You just got a new pattern and want to start sewing immediately – but taking the time to take a closer look at the pattern and its sizing before you start is totally worth it. Here are a few tipps on how to adjust your pattern to your preferences and body shape. Each cut contains more or less comfort features, fashion/model-dependent adjustments, or in the case of trousers a deeper crotch and different waistband heights, to name just a few! 

Sewing on Appliqués – With the right tools

Sewing on appliqués is a technique whose name goes back to the French word “appliqué” which means to apply something. Fabrics are applied in a certain shape to a carrier fabric. The edges of the applied fabric are usually overstitched with zigzag stitch or devorative stitch, depending on the desired effect. The preperation of the carrier material and the appliqués is an important step towards success. Use the right stitch and materials for it. 

Invisible zippers made easy – With Invisible-Zipper Foot #35

We have carefully collected exciting tips and tricks and published them on the blog. In this article you will find useful tips and tricks on how to sew invisible zippers with ease. Invisible-Zipper Foot #35 has two diagonal grooves on the underside of the foot which act as a guide for the zipper coils. These guides unfold the zipper, making it possible to sew close to the coils. After sewing, the zipper folds back again, creating a fantastic invisible zipper!

Tips and tricks for working with lace

With lace fabrics, you can see the seams from the outside as well, which is why particular care is warranted here. Here are some tips on how to finish your sewing allowances on the inside. The different fabric thicknesses of the lace and jersey, as well as the stretch in different parts of the same fabric, require the use of special sewing accessories, for example the Three-Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide #50.

Helpful tutorials about Upcyling – Bring an Umbrella to new Life

In this blog article you will get an idea of how two broken umbrellas becoming a practical shopping bag. Still rain-proof but with a new look! You will need one or two discarded umbrellas and a press button (Snaply). Repairs are often not possible, so you simply throw the umbrella away. But stop! The light fabric can still be reused in a wonderful way. And we will show you how!