Do you want to sew something pretty for Christmas and are you looking for textile gift ideas and free sewing instructions? Do you need sewing ideas for an Advent decoration, such as an Advent calendar? On the BERNINA blog you will find a large selection of free tutorials for beautiful things for the festive season: gifts for friends, beautiful things for the family and lots of tips for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home, from Christmas tree decorations to table decorations.

Free sewing instructions for Christmas

Nähen zu Weihnachten: Kostenlose Anleitungen und Ideen für Geschenke und DekoHow is it already the end of November? Time seems to pass most quickly towards the end of the year. You need to make an Advent calendar quickly, as well as sewing Christmas presents, and of course, as a sewing fan, you want to make your own Christmas decorations. Good thing there is the BERNINA blog! Here, you can find a wealth of sewing ideas and instructions for gifts as well as for festive decorations and an original calendar. 

Sewing your own gifts

Nähen für Weihnachten: Gratis Anleitungen und Downloads für Geschenke und DekoSewing is particularly fun if you can bring joy to a loved one with a homemade gift. During Advent and in the run-up to Christmas, we are hardly away from our sewing machines. Is it the same for you? To ensure you don’t run out of ideas and because we know that your time is short, we publish lots of instructions on the blog for great gifts and decorative items that you can easily sew yourself.

What to sew for Christmas?

Of course it is never easy to decide who should get which gift. We can’t help you with that. But the following tip might help: books are often given as gifts. How about a book in a home-sewn book cover, perhaps with the addition of a bookmark that is also home-sewn or embroidered? This allows you to combine the practical – new reading material – with the personal. On the BERNINA blog, you can find several instructions for book covers. And of course many more ideas. 

Decoration ideas for Christmas, from Christmas tree ornaments to a door wreath 

Making your own gift tags is a point of pride, right? That’s why you will find a whole series of posts containing ideas and instructions on the BERNINA blog. You can also find embroidery design freebies for your tags. And of course there are plenty more decoration ideas to inspire you: illuminated houses, napkin rings, Christmas tree decorations, recyclable gift packaging made of fabric, a textile door wreath … lots to keep our sewing machines busy during Advent! You will find lots of ideas and instructions on this page. And don’t forget, you can also use the blog search function!

Tips for sewing a quick dinner party gift? We’ve got them!

Have you been invited to visit friends or family and there’s a strict “no gifts” policy, but you still want to bring them something small? We have the ultimate dinner party gift idea: the bottle bag. Basically, this is recyclable gift packaging that you give with a nice bottle of wine inside. The sewn covering safely transports the wine (or champagne) to the recipient. In addition, the bag, which you have designed to your taste or for the occasion, makes your gift truly eye-catching.

A sack full of gift ideas for Christmas and Advent!

Stickmuster-Freebies zu Weihnachten und AdventIn December, the BERNINA blog itself appears in festive guise. From December 1 to 24, as part of our blog Advent calendar, new sewing ideas and instructions for sewing for Christmas appear daily, many of them containing free downloads, such as patterns or embroidery design freebies. If you don’t yet know what to give to your dear friend, partner, children, grandchildren, parents or siblings, you are sure to find something behind our Advent calendar windows.