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Between the Lines QAL – Row 5 – Month 1


Row 5 for month 1 complete(-ish).
I have the two rows for this month finished just in the nick of time. I didn’t join them because I’m not sure if I’ll be making my quilt a bit wider or not. If I have enough fabric and I can make the math work, I may make the quilt a bit wider.
Happy with how it turned out though I wish it was more squared/straight. I’m not sure how on earth people work with such small pieces and keep things square.

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      Hi Donna,
      It depends on the row we are making! Row 5 is made from rectangles and squares, hence there was no pdf pattern. Row 9 uses the Foundation Paper Piecing technique, hence there is a pattern linked in the article. You can find it in the section titeld “The pattern”

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