Show us your creative work

Patchwork fans on board – join us for the new quilt-along, the Sail-Along! Raise the anchor, untie the lines, and sew a maritime quilt together using FPP blocks in nautical patterns. At the helm will be Ingrid from Joe, June and Mae. Great prizes will be raffled among the participants. You can show us photos of your quilting progress here in the community section of the blog. Log in to the BERNINA blog and click on “New Project” to post community entries.
You can find all the information about this campaign in the Sail-Along announcement. On the following page you can see an overview of all the tutorials that Ingrid has published so far: BERNINA Sail-Along – all articles.

Part 12 – the end

English: Now the end has come. It has been so much fun to be part of this wonderful sailing trip, […]

Part 10 – squares

English: had some fabric with maritime pictures on it. And this fabric fit perfectly as the squares, which I needed […]

Part 6 – Orca

English: A Orca was made. I simply had to make a 3 part background and that way I hoped it […]

part 8 lage steamboat

English: At first I wanted to make the large steamboat, to look like a cruise ship. But who would sail […]

Part 7 small steamboat

English: now I also have a small fishing boat and it looks like it needs a new coat of paint. […]

part 5 – happy boat

English: Hold on, that was a tough one. The boat’s wood was quite a challenge and unfortunately I also had […]

Part 3 – dolphin

English: Two cute dolphins were born. But oops made a small mistake that, in my opinion, just made them even […]

Part 4 Shark

English: Got some fabric when I bought my Q16 and it just fit a shark perfectly Danish: Fik noget noget […]

Part 2 – Sall Sail Boat

English: Couldn’t resist making a sailboat with the Danish flag Danish: Kunne ikke lade være med at lave en sejlbåd […]

Part 1

English: Harder than I first thought it would be, but I’m so happy and the result was really good, I […]