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I almost didn’t finish this on time! The different sized blocks took me well out of my comfort zone. I finally decided to make 12 large blocks by combining the different sizes. Then needed just one more to complete the quilt. My favourite was Cleopatra’s Fan – so I made a large block with 4 of these blocks. I’m pleased with the overall result and better still my youngest daughter is delighted with her quilt – though I still have to sandwich and quilt it. It will be bound with black I think. The entire quilt was made using up fabrics that were left over from other projects. Like others I did learn a lot and am now longer afraid of FPP! To take the photograph I needed to put the quilt sideways so “Bride’s Bouquet” and the last “Butterfly” blocks aren’t quite in the right orientation.

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  • Dianne Kelly

    Congratulations on your finished sampler.   You did an amazing job of organizing the blocks to make them look so even on the quilt.  Job well done.   Placement of the blocks was quite the challenge for me as well.  I just kept doing different layouts and taking pictures until I found the layout that most appealed to me.

    • grannyjan

      Thanks Dianne for your kind comments.  What I didn’t say was that the technology was also extremely challenging – I’m apparently now considered to be elderly (83) so this modern way is not always easy to understand.  I was never quite sure that my progressive photos ever went to the right place! Now I see that there are some that I doubled up on!

      • ramonawirth

        Dear grannyjan,

        You managed the new technology well though 😉 I just removed the block which was double for you. Feel free to write a comment to me when you have problems with posting your pictures! I check the comments several times a week to check if someone needs help with something.
        Kind regards, Ramona from BERNINA International

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