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International Pictogram project 2015: Women Waiting


Layering the backgroundCutouts of the chairsFour womenThree chairsFinal pictureFinal picture with hand embroideryI awaited the arrival of the parcel with great anticipation. Seeing the pictogram of a woman got me thinking! I love to make quilts about women and the secrets they share. At the moment I am working on a series of quilts about the fact that women spend their lives waiting…
-waiting to be asked to get married…
-waiting for the menstrual cycle…
-waiting for 9 months…
-waiting for test results….etc
So I decided to use the chairs as a symbol for the act of waiting.
I used different techniques: freestyle machine embroidery, hand quilting and applique. I printed the title with stamps. For the pictogram I used netting and gradually reduced the size of the pictogram.
The colours of the quilt was dictated by the felt (beige) and the thread I received (blue-, red-, orange- and variegated green quilting thread). I added surgical gauze (the fragility of women), linen and cotton (strong and durable).
I loved being part of this project.

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  • roscro

    I really like this, Elain- everything about it: the idea, the colours, layering and stitch and especially the combination of the women and chairs.

  • Woman and chairs – you have to get into the idea – thats just great!
    We have a saying in Germany “to be inbetween the chairs” – and especially women – mothers – have to manage this so often in their lives….

  • Trienie Krugel

    Elaine, as always, your work is amazing! Great to see all the interpretations!

  • marilynpretorius

    Wow Elaine, wonderful concept! Geluk!

  • What a great idea to follow. I think your choice of fabrics for their meaning is so good. Thinking of your theme of waiting I wonder what stories those chairs could tell…? Hilary