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  • Helen Clements

    New to quilting and new Bernina owner.Not sure how to get the pattern for what is shown on the Bernina Site please?? Thank you     Helen  

    • ippy

      Hello Carrie,

      Log on – over to the RIGHT you will see this picture (see below)  – CLICK on the part that says OLD BLOCK QUILT ALONG and that will take you to both parts. I’ve copied what you should see.  Hoping this helps.

      Join us in the Old Block Quilt-Along!
      Together with Andrea from Quiltmanufaktur you will sew a sampler with old blocks. Traditional but modern! Each blog post will feature a new block. Among the blog readers who show their finished quilt top on Instagram or in our Community, we will raffle a BERNINA 570 QE! Follow this link to the community.

      Old Block Quilt-Along, Part 1: Brides Bouquet

      Start of the Old Block Quilt-Along! Who’s in?

  • Carrie Mannes

    I only show responses to the post not the post itself please tell me how to obtain instructions.  Thanks 

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Carrie, this is a Community post, meaning that ippy is a reader of the blog who showed how her block turned out. You can find the instructions at the Blog post here.


  • Nelda Himmelman

    There is a really good  way to make y seams that doesn’t involve starting and stopping at the seam.  I saw it on the quilt show  the teacher was gayleen fitzgerald. There is no fuss and are perfect all the time

  • sewhappy43

    Wow this a is beautiful block! One I have never made too. Now to see what a Y seam is! 

    • ippy

      Thank you sewhappy43.   It was all new to me too, but still happy I gave it a go.  Let me know how you get on.   Wonder what the next block will be.

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