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Part 4 – Row 9 – Delta


Sugaridoo Bernina QAL progress: I was nervous about this row. However I had some time and rewatched Irene’s brilliant video again.

I worked out the fabric, as its directional and cut scrap to practice with. Then I watched and paused the video, took my time… Then I started, i was making great progress, finished the blocks….

…and then….. that oops moment when I realised I had cut and sewn some fabric on the wrong side…..

For sure, I was disappointed with myself at first. But I went and made an earl grey and then picked up my seem ripper, templated the new pieces and put it right.

I do prefer teabag paper and even though it was challenging, that is ultimately why I’m doing this – I want to learn. I made a mistake and I learnt what I did and was able to work out how to put it right. It nay not be perfect. So listening to Irene’s Q&A video this week, about being gentle with ourselves, especially during this difficult, time I learnt things are difficult, but I took my time and finished it!

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