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PhotoStitch and custom fancy fill using Bernina Embroidery software DesignerPlus V8


Hey there my name is Lou Robertson. I am very happy and excited to have my first post on the Bernina blog as Bernina Software Ambassador.

Firstly, I am a mother of 2 gorgeous kids and wife to one of the best sewing machine tech’s here in Brisbane Australia. I own an embroidery business (Anything Embroidered) where I love to do all types of different digitizing & embroidery requests for my clients.

Recently, I have been a proud owner of the NEW Bernina Embroidery software DesignerPlus V8 and wanted to share a great modern design / project that has hit the tattoo industry by storm! The original digital artwork was created by Miyume this is a Trash Polka style tattoo. Trash Polka is a style of tattoo art that began at Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Würzburg, Germany by Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky. The style resembles a combination of fine art of “realism and trash; the nature and the abstract; technology and humanity; past, present, and future.

With the new BERNINA DesignerPlus V8 Software. I have created a mixture of PhotoStitch and custom fancy fills to show off the features of this design. I have used the new colour photo stitch feature to get the right subtle blend of colours without it standing out too much so that the main feature of Fancy Fill would stand out more than the rest of the design giving an abstract effect. If you look at the horns closely you can see I used a fancy fill to give it that bone effect by changing the stitch angle of the fill. I used the closed object feature and statin stitch to do the lips and animal print part of the design.

I found the new BERNINA DesignerPlus V8 Software very user friendly and easy to navigate around with great menu layouts, shortcuts with simple icons for feature identification and excellent Integrated Design Library. I cannot wait to get creative with new modern day designs to suit everyone’s taste from dark and gothic to bright and pretty.

Try the new BERNINA DesignerPlus V8 Software – 30-day FREE Trial and leave your feedback in the comments below.

What about MAC OS Support?
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 can be used on an Intel based Mac in combination with Apple Boot Camp and Microsoft Windows® 7, 8 or 10. The hyperlink below provides you all information you need to install the Windows® operating system on your Mac computer.

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Used Products:
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

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  • Helen

    This work is amazing an Lou does beautiful work is always on the journey for helping others to gain as much fun and experience with anything to do with Bernina as she can especially this amazing software. Which I might add I also love. I am a beginner on this software and it is so very user friendly. I plan on buying this software very soon and will be playing even more. So much fun to be had using the Bernina software. Absolutely Love it.

  • lourobertson

    Thank you Helen 🙂 Happy to help with any tips and tricks you might like to know. If you get stuck please feel free to message me. Have a great day Regards Lou

  • Kelly Marie Webb

    Well done babe. Awww always amazing work.

  • Candice

    You have done so well Lou. Well done!

  • Josie

    Wow…this is amazing

  • Sandra

    Amazing work. well done 🙂

  • Michelle Charles

    Congrats Lou, your experience will serve you and your customers well in this new endeavor. Good luck and have fun!!!!! x Michelle

  • Phil Cutcliffe

    Lou did fantastic work for us. Very generous, friendly,
    punctual and professional.

  • Chardhay

    Lou’s work is always amazing and performed to the best of her ability. Her customer service is outstanable, as well as her personality. You couldn’t get a better job anywhere else.

  • lourobertson

    Can not wait to do some shirts for your son I know it will help him a lot 🙂

  • lourobertson

    Thank you for your support 🙂

  • lourobertson

    This software is great! wait until you see the global effect 🙂

  • lourobertson

    Thank you for you kind words

  • lourobertson

    Thank you and the fun has just started 🙂 watch this space

  • lourobertson

    my bubbly personality is down to being around lovely people like yourself hun. Thanks you for your support and watch this space as there is a lot more to come 🙂

  • lourobertson

    Thank you Phil 🙂 It’s down to software like this that I am able to support charities like yourself and I love every second of it 🙂 If you need any support again I am more than happy to help out.

  • Lyn Mckinnon

    I am so pleased for you Lou, and thrilled with the service both you and your husband give to us all, thank you very much, I have ordered my upgrade and am so looking forward to using it.. Kindest regards Lyn McKinnon
    U and I Unique embroidery and art

  • lourobertson

    We are just like you Lyn! We love to help people and I think it really shows when you love what you do 🙂 This software is great and I am excited to see how creative you can be with U and I embroidery. Remember if you need any help I’m always here for advise and support 🙂

  • Lyn Mckinnon

    thank you so much, will follow you closely on facebook …Thank you lovely lady

  • Dee Watts

    Wow that looks awesome – I would expect no less from you – always the perfectionist 🙂 both you and your husband have so much passion for this business and have helped me more than you will ever know – your knowledge never ceases to amaze me – you are an inspiration and are well suited as Bernina’s Software Ambassador.. ..congratulations

  • Jessica Smith

    Amazing work like alway Lou