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Waiting to gain entry to Festival of Quilts 2014!

Waiting to gain entry to Festival of Quilts 2014!

Festival of Quilts 2014 opened its doors to the public at 10 am on 7th August 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham, England. Click on any of the photos in the carousel to see them properly.

What a wonderful show it was again this year. The standard of the quilts just goes up and up!

Congratulations to Philippa Naylor for her winning quilt in the Traditional category this year. Using her Bernina 1260, Philippa has amazed us yet again with her entry this year, “The Good Life”. See the photo of Philippa on the Bernina UK stand where she was demonstrating how she creates her amazing works of textile art to an enthralled audience.


Philippa donated a small sample piece from this project to the Unfini-SHEDS, a fund-raising initiative where well known textile artists donated a small piece of their work. We asked lots of well-known quilters if they would donate a small piece of their work which need not be finished off in that it didn’t need a binding on it. Philippa responded as did a further 85 artists. By the time we were ready to go to Festival, we had most of the promised works of art mounted and ready to hang on the walls of the stand. The few that arrived at the show were presented on the stand table. We asked people to pay just £25 for a piece of textile art. As each piece arrived, I photographed it, uploaded it to the Unfini-SHEDS website and added a ‘Buy Now’ option so that people could purchase an item in advance, but they also knew they could not have their coveted prize till after Festival of Quilts where all of the items were displayed in a mini quilt show. We could not display all of the quilts at the same time, so the display was re-arranged each day in order that every donated quiltlet was shown on one day at least. To see the other quilts please visit the website:- Thank you Philippa and all the other kind people who either donated work or bought the pieces.

Talking of which, we had several items from abroad including one from Janneke de Vries Bodzinga, who lives in The Netherlands – pictured here holding the little quilt she sent us in March. It was the first of the Unfini-SHEDS to arrive for the project and was alone on the website for a short time until others arrived to keep it company. Janneke won first prize in the Pictorial Quilts Section this year with her “Poor and Rich” interpretation of the situation in Africa where “nothing much has changed in the last 70 years”, Janneke said in her statement that accompanied the quilt. When I asked her what kind of machine she had used to make it, she said it was an ordinary domestic sewing machine! She said it could be done on any machine. It is amazing and well deserved of first prize. The detail is phenomenal!

Best in Show this year went to Ruth Parker, a member of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles, – an amazing piece of precision stitching with fantastic use of colour placement in the design.

As always there were plenty of traders who had the most amazing items to tempt you to part with your hard earned cash and lots of people left at the end of the day with bulging bags of goodies as well as lots of inspiration for new projects based on all the wonderful quilts and Textile creations they had seen at the show.

Thanks go again to The Quilters’ Guild for its part in making sure that the show ran smoothly – the quilt angels, the judges, the stewards. Without them , we would not have had as good a show as it was!

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