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Style up your hoodie or sweatshirt with the Bernina Bravo.


Comfort wear is becoming a huge trend, but comfort does not have to be boring.
Add your own personal touch to your hoodie or sweatshirt to express who you are.

Hoodies are highly popular as they are not only comfortable but functional as well.

They go perfect with a pair of leggings, or even a pair of jeans.


Gert Hoodie created by using tone on tone black in different textures.


Choosing or creating what is right for you

This garment is usually seen as effortless and standard. But by customising it you could end up with a one of a kind high fashion item.

It could be profitable for your business to create a style that is unique to your brand.

You do not have to be a designer to create your own unique style. You can simply use one of your own hoodies in your closet, or you can buy a plain one in most department stores.

Bernina has also made it very easy to create your own hoodie by using the exceptionally user friendly Lutterloh pattern system.


Lutterloh pattern 204 for pattern supplement 312

Lutterloh pattern 239 for pattern supplement 312


When I choose fabric for this type of garment I usually go for a more heavy weight cotton rich fabric.

The Bernina Bravo embroidery machine is perfect to do your own customisation as it is easy to use, it delivers the highest quality embroidery.

We as a company that strive for quality only uses the Bernina Bravo not only for our ready to wear line but also for our couture pieces.

The Gert-Johan Coetzee look and feel

We have created the following sweatshirt in accordance to our brand look and feel:

Gert sweatshirt with satin pleat

Here is an example of a sweatshirt, which is basically a loose fitting long sleeve shirt out of a heavier fabric.

We have customised this garment by adding a pleated satin detail, and our logo in a different texture to 

bring through a luxurious look and feel.

Mixing textures always makes a garment instantly look more expensive and desirable.


Gert Hoodie

The best element about the Bernina Bravo is that it not only embroidery machine, but it also sparks creativity as you go!

Do not be afraid to experiment as possibilities are endless.

Conceptualising a garment and playing around with ideas is where most of the fun lies!

Here we have used a white satin as an applique fabric and a home for our brand name to stand out. We love using puffy foam to crate that 3D luxurious element. Instead of a normal hoodie lace, we used one which is broader, and attached a D-ring at the end. For generation Z the E-Boy/E-Girl trend is coming forward strong across the globe. We incorporated this look by adding studs and and a lace up, the possibilities are truly endless.




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