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  • Florence Matthews

    Well, I’m finished  On Point. I had so very many problems along the way, but it’s done. The first thing I learned was how important it is to correctly CUT!!! As a result, I had to add fabric here and there. Especially since I forgot to leave 1/4 inch seam allowances. But it’s my first quilt and those are mistakes I WILL NEVER FORGET. lol

    Question: is this row supposed to be not as big as the first?  If so, too bad.  I’m not going to be doing this row again any time soon. But when all said and done. I do have an idea for a 2nd one. 🙂


  • Florence Matthews

    I am very new to all this computer stuff. I saw on Youtube that you posted the requirements for the fabric. I don’t know where to look and find it. Not even sure if this is the correct site.  Could you send me a link or tell me where to find it?

  • Whitney Dawson

    OH that looks so cute.. I’m new to Quilting so this will be a fun First QAL for me!!!

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