Finished quilt top

I really like how this turned out. I didn’t add the sashing between the rows so it’s smaller. Working on […]

One-Two-Tree QAL

Thanks to Irene and Bernina for hosting this QAL! This will be my first quilt 😳and I am gathering all […]


Done! This was done on the 25th but I don’t think I posted it in the right place.

Sugaridoo Bernina QAL

Although I’ve quilted for many years, this is my first QAL. I’ve enjoyed the process. The quilt top is in […]

Sugaridoo QAL

Finished! ? Super excited to post the three sections of my first QAL . As a new quilter, I learned […]


Thank you so much Irene and Bernina. Enjoyed the QAL tremendously and learned so much. It has been such a […]

Sugaridoo QAL top

My Sugaridoo QAL top all assembled. This was one of the most engaging and enjoyable projects. I am a beginner […]