Part 10 Row 10

Dot Dot Dot or spots! 😆. Such fun participating in this fun and creative mystery quilt! Thank you Irene and […]

Part 9

I’m a cross stitcher so this one was right up my street !

Part 2 Row 1 On Point

Wow! No sabia cuanto me podia gustar hacer esto! La técnica de transferir el patron en papel de freezer al […]


Part 1 Row 5

Disfrute mucho hacer esta fila de hashtags. Es mi primer intento haciendo quilts y me motiva micho aprender y completarlo. […]

Fabric choice

Fabric Selection

Loved the Rainbow Pattern suggested! I only have girls so this is a perfect choice for us!

Row 8 – Astroterf

This row was fun and simple…just had to make sure my fabric was cut facing the right way…

Row 8

Easy one, specially with the improv because mistakes are easier to cover !!!

Part 7

First time using tea bag paper. I couldn’t find it so I used lightweight interfacing instead. Again used Elmers school […]

Row 7

Very different to anything I had done before but great ! I tried the improv way and it was very […]


Halfway there and what fun this has been! Participating with my sisters and a couple of friends plus so many […]