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The Essential Denim Dress


I LOVE a denim dress! I spent so long searching for the perfect denim dress in the shops and not finding it that I had to draft my own in the end. The Essential Denim Dress is perfect for everyday, super comfy and not too fitted
You can download the FREE SEWING PATTERN from my website here:
There is also a step-by-step tutorial to go with it.

Denim, by nature, is quite thick, so this is how the dress will look with that in mind. Obviously you can make the pattern out of ANY mix and match of fabric providing they are all a similar weight to each other. But to maintain the boxy tunic look, it needs the fabric to be quite substantial.

However, if you are looking for something a bit lighter and softer for the summer then have a look at my other version made from a denim-look polycotton. It’s paired with a very pretty floral devoré fabric that I picked up on a market stall. The sections that look blue are actually transparent with a blue lining. I can see this version of the dress with flip flops, easy to throw on over the top of a bikini.

Just a word of advice for when you are making the pattern – all this diagonal shaped bits of fabric get pretty confusing once they have left the safety of the cutting table. It is really worth labelling each piece ABC etc with tailors chalk. You need to do it consistently on what you want to be the right (or wrong) side of the fabric. I say this because if you are using both sides of your denim to give you 2 different colours as I have suggested in the sewing denim post, you will be going round in circles like I was, trying to figure out what goes where.

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    Nice Blog. I really liked it. Thanks for sharing it. I loved to wear the denim apparels so that’s why I mostly buy them online

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