Sylvia Kaptein

As a child I was always fascinated by colors and nature. Drawing whenever I could, trying to find a way to make art. I discovered fabrics and fell in love with textures, prints and the endless possibilities to use them for different projects.

I started my company when I was very young, working on commission for shops and consumers, learning every technique on the way with knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cross stitch, making clothes and dolls. I discovered quilting and fell in love again.

I opened my craft shop in 1990 which I had for over 21 years. I've designed my own quilts, teached and noticed there was a lot of demand for tips and tricks.

After closing my shop in 2011 due to an illness, which is ok now, I didn't retire but had my own webshop again, making challenge quilts and teaching Judy Niemeyer quilts after getting my certificate in Montana.

BERNINA and I found each other in 2015, where I was asked to work with the (then new) B770QE: to show people how quilting and this machine are a wonderful combination. Since the beginning of 2017 an embroidery module was added, and after that working with the BERNINA Embroidery Software V8. Later BERNINA added the Overlock 1300MDC to my stash to work with that too and writing Blog posts.

I love the fact that BERNINA gave me the opportunety to place my design Crazy Colors Mystery Quilt 2017 project on the Blog, and after that the Crazy Crystals Mystery Project 2018. So many people world wide are making these blocks.

And now it's full circle: making quilts and cloths again, designing with patchwork, appliqué, (machine) embroidery etc, mostly on commission.

I have more than enough inspiration to last a life time, certainly also because of the wonderful comments I get from readers of the BERNINA Blog. Thank you and hope you enjoy it all.



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Ontwerpster CCMQ2017, CCMP2018, (landschaps)quilts, lesgevende en Certified Shop (CS) voor patronen van Judy Niemeyer