New Zealand


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Quilting gives to me a fellowship, creativity and a connection to the feminine world. Having grown up only with older brothers and having two wonderful sons, my quilts tend to be more masculine than pretty.

I love all forms of quilting but find that it is the artistic quilts that I want to make. I find inspiration sometimes from the fabric I produce but more and more from personal feelings. I make all my own fabric and hand treat it in various forms to get the desired results. Current themes I am working on are: Construction due to the massive rebuild in Christchurch NZ after our major earthquakes in 2010-11; War - my current piece includes copies of the telegrams sent to my grandmother when my father lost his lower left leg in WWII. However I always love challenges from my national and local groups as they often give me the chance to try out a technique or some idea in the back of my mind.

Urban Decay # 2

Nature versus man – who is the winner? When I received my GREEN pack of goodies I was thrilled to […]