Vera Goulart



Sewing Favorite

Quilting / Creative Sewing

I'm a 40th years old Portuguese sewing lover.
I was born in the Beautiful, Terceira Azorean Island.
I have a 7th old son and a loving partner for the last 12 years.
After a long years full of disappointments, i found peace.... with a sewing machine and fabrics, creating.
Not an expert, far from it, no budget to have mutch to do more, but like a friend of mine used to say "done its better than perfect", and in all things i create i put my best on it and it makes me happy.... what more can i hask.
This year i create the "Mira Guapa by Vera Goulart" to show some of my hobby creations, wishing one day it get to be more than that.... i'm a dreamer what can i say.
I had a goal for the last 2 years.... to be part of the Bernina family, but i now i know i'll never achive that, so i keep myself happy with the others Berninas owners happiness... and i'm in peace with that.

Thank you for all you do....