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Join the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along! In a series of articles, Irene of Sugaridoo guides you through quilting a modern quilt. Every four weeks, a guide for a new series of this Mystery Quilt appears. Great prizes will be raffled under the participants. You can find all information about the campaign in the announcement of the Quilt-Along.

Row 8 – Astroterf

This row was fun and simple…just had to make sure my fabric was cut facing the right way…


Love the wonky rows. Really enjoyed it, great instructions as always and was done quite quickly. 😊

Row 8

Easy one, specially with the improv because mistakes are easier to cover !!!

Part 7 Row 6

This row was a complete new experience! I have learned a new technique way beyond my confort zone “curves and […]

Part 7

First time using tea bag paper. I couldn’t find it so I used lightweight interfacing instead. Again used Elmers school […]

Row 6 Part 7

This row is called “Around the Corner” and it made with semicircles