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Join the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along! In a series of articles, Irene of Sugaridoo guides you through quilting a modern quilt. Every four weeks, a guide for a new series of this Mystery Quilt appears. Great prizes will be raffled under the participants. You can find all information about the campaign in the announcement of the Quilt-Along.

Part 11, Row 2

This is the out of the box row. There is a little modern improvisation quilting mixed with a bit of […]

Part 11 Row 2

this QAL is almost over, I have learnt many new techniques and it has been fun

Polka dot dot dot

I just found out about this amazing Quilt Along and have a lot of catching up to do but better […]


This QAL has been a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the last row. hope there is another QAL after […]

Row2 completed

It’s been great having this project especially with the year we have had. Last row – wonder what it’ll be.

Completed Rows

Finally caught up with all the rows. Enjoyed trying the various techniques and now I can work on row 2.

Awesome row!

This is a fun tie! It was enjoyable to learn a different technique to make it. Usually I use a […]

Part 10 Dot to dot

I did it!!!! I was scared of this row, but it was not what I thought! Easy, pain free 😅 […]