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Join the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along! In a series of articles, Irene of Sugaridoo guides you through quilting a modern quilt. Every four weeks, a guide for a new series of this Mystery Quilt appears. Great prizes will be raffled under the participants. You can find all information about the campaign in the announcement of the Quilt-Along.

Row 5 Sugaridoo QAL

Here’s my row 5. It looks more crooked than it actually is. Also, the purple is much brighter. Well, I’m […]

ROW #5 Hashtags

I completed Row#5!!! So happy to be part of this QAL. Looking forward to the next row!

Fabric choices

I’ve decided on a white solid background, a black main fabric ( I may end up alternating these, depending on […]

Sugaridoo Quilt Along

My fabric choice, 3 shades of purple, 3 shades of olive green, background light lilac and accent colour “rosewood” – […]

My 1st QAL

Happiness in a box from Sugaridoo…..Fabrics kit from Sugaridoo are in Terceira Island, Azores!!!!! Thank you Sugaridoo and Bernina for […]

Sugaridoo QAL

Thank you Irene Sytema Staal for excellent follow along video and written instructions! Today is my first attempt at quilting. […]

Sugaridoo QAL

Finished the first row of the QAL. Totally loved it!!! I followed Irene on the YouTube video and the instructions […]

Far Out 70’s

Mom gave me some 70’s fabric, she is 96 and still quilting! I decided to use it for this QAL. […]

Pop! 🌈

Loving what this quilt is going to become from just one row! Can’t wait for next months surprise pattern!

Making the rainbow 🌈

The fabrics have finally been chosen! This is my first quilt along and to say I’m excited is an understatement. […]

Fabric pull

Kona Birds of Paradise, Kona Cypress for the accent and Kona Pepper for the background.

Fabric choice

Fabric selection- a little bit from the color selection and a little of my own selection