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Join the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along! In a series of articles, Irene of Sugaridoo guides you through quilting a modern quilt. Every four weeks, a guide for a new series of this Mystery Quilt appears. Great prizes will be raffled under the participants. You can find all information about the campaign in the announcement of the Quilt-Along.

Part 5 Row 4

This way. I found that i much prefer quilting rows in sections than constantly adding strips. Who knew?

Row 4 This Way

I love this row, the colour is so happy and it was so much fun to improv. I don’t normally […]

Part 4 Row # 9

New technique Paper piecing, it was fun! Thank you for all the new experiences.

Part 4 – Delta

Finally got back home and did my new row. Love it. Learned that I actually enjoy foundation paper pieceing.

Part 4, Row 9 QAL

Once I started marking the intersections before removing the freezer paper it went much more smoothly. Should have figured that […]

Row 9 Delta

Learned a new technique with the tea-bag paper. Not my preferred technique but you have to learn it all :-). […]