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Join the Sugaridoo Quilt-Along! In a series of articles, Irene of Sugaridoo guides you through quilting a modern quilt. Every four weeks, a guide for a new series of this Mystery Quilt appears. Great prizes will be raffled under the participants. You can find all information about the campaign in the announcement of the Quilt-Along.


Three panels complete. Looking forward to learning to QAUG! Enjoyed every minute! PS it’s still November in my time zone—Ontario, […]

All Done

Nothing like working up to the last minute. Done in 3 parts It is still November in my time zone […]

Sugaridoo QAL

This project was a blessing. In all the craziness of the pandemic shutdowns and even having to be evacuated from […]

Completed Quilt #2

When I found the Bernina Sugaridoo Quilt-Along in September 2020, I was smitten with the idea of this quilt. I […]

All done!

A great year! I’ve also posted this on Instagram, but with the hashtag issue that’s been going on, I figured […]

Final 3 Pieces

I’m doing the 3-piece version, but it’s ready to go. I’m just waiting on Irene’s videos on the quilting. Congrats […]

It’s done!!!

Lessons learned, have enough background fabric so you don’t have to change in the middle. Thought of scrapping it, thanks […]

QAL top finished

QAL gift

What a great experience to have been able to participate in this QAL. Irene you were the happiest, inspirational instructor […]

Sugaridoo QAL!

Awesome experience to participate in the SugaridooQuilt along, my first one. Thanks Irene for keeping us happy and busy in […]

Sugaridoo QAL

I call this quilt BeUtiful. It’s for my niece and for her. I have used the colours of the Pride […]

Finished Sunset QAL

I can’t wait to see it sandwiched and quilted. Missing my monthly row release already! So many awesome quilts from […]

All done!

Lime splash colorway completed just in time. I am happy and sad at the same time to finish. I will […]


SugaridooBerninaQAL Started in September. Loved it! Used just my stash and learned that paper piecing and reverse applique can be […]


Done! This was done on the 25th but I don’t think I posted it in the right place.



Hope this turns up finally. My finished quilt top for the Sugaridoo QAL. I have the picture in my IG […]

Finished QAL top

Finished Sugaridoo Bernina QAL top (in 3 pieces). It’s not pressed yet, but it’s together!