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I opened my Mums sewing machine in April 2019 - Not looked back since! For me, sewing offers stimulation and peace of mind, to make things that are pretty and purposeful.....

I am happily married to Robert Jordan (26 Aug 2016). AKA - The Bobster.

When I was a child, like so many others - it turns out, I didn't really show an interest in sewing with my Mum and my Nan. Unfortunately I have lost them both. And now as an adult I began to feel that I wasted a huge opportunity to learn from them.

I rediscovered in April 2019 after a friend said why not get your Mum's machine down and I will show you.
When I got her machine down from the loft and opened the machine cover, I saw the manual and a few notions, it was lovely. Then the instructions, no one reads instructions right.... But needed to.... only to find she had written some notes for me to read. Knowing that I am so bad with instructions, the wrote: 'Please read pages 44-48 before any others. LOL

In May 2019, I put a simple post up on Facebook in our local community asking if anyone was interested in meeting for a general craft group. We know have 325 followers and lovely regular group meeting on a Thursday evening in a local care home to bring lots or ages and skills together. We also hold a monthly craft retreat in our local village hall. This is all non for profit and a wonderful group of very talented, often multi skilled people.

So the outcome of this is that I don't feel I have wasted an opportunity, but rather picked it up later on and now bring others together too. It is suprising just how many people feel the same way.

In a world that can feel so lost and horrible at times, it is great to look for positives.

I am now learning all over and passing on passions to others to help spark and encourage young people.

Quilt Top

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