Tina Katwal




Mad genius at The Square Inch

Trying to find the right mix of time devoted to running the studio and creating beauty with fabrics.

I am a self taught quilter and have been dabbling in quiltmaking for the last 3-4 years. When my fabric hoarding reached threatening proportions, I knew it was time to open a proper studio so I could legitimise my love for fabrics and sewing. In India, quilting supplies are not easy to come by, so my baby 'The Square Inch' fills that gap by being a one-stop shop for the Needlecrafter by making available all supplies for sewing, quilting, crochet and knitting under one roof. The cherry on the top, for me, is that I am a Bernina associate and stock a good range of Bernina sewing machines too. I am also spearheading a quilting 'movement' in India by providing an online platform for quilters across the country to learn, share, inspire and get inspired via my Facebook group 'Desi Quilters'.

Fate and Free Will

Sometimes we get so comfortable doing what we are doing that we forget there are other ways to live. And […]