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BERNINA Triangle Quilt-Along – we would like to hear your opinion


Dear quilt friends, I am more than excited about your eagerness to sew along with and follow the BERNINA Triangle QAL project. Some of you wrote in the comments: “I already finished block no 2. Can’t wait to go forward with block no 3, it seems to take way too long until it is online.” I’m totally with you!

Well, by the time I planned this project I had a couple of scenarios in mind: The bloody beginner, who needs a bit of extra time to get familiar with piecing and new techniques. And the quilter, who is busy with a day job and finds only rarely a bit of time to sew. So I planned enough time for each of the blocks and that’s how I determined the rules for the giveaway.

Those things shouldn’t be changed out of the blue.

But at the same time I am open to your feedback, and if quite a couple of you let me know, that they would prefer to go forward faster, I will take this into consideration.

I mean, if I am working on a project, I also prefer to go forward without waiting too long for a next step. Otherwise I might loose momentum, interest and maybe end up with another unfinished object. It needs some persistence to follow a project for a whole year.

To keep a long story short

I would like to hear your opinion

Your opinion about how fast we will go forward is, what will count. Here is a short poll about the steps in the BERNINA Triangle QAL. The result of this poll will decide, if everything will stay as it is or if we go forward a little bit faster.

Two short questions, two clicks

…that’s what I’m asking for to help me out. Please let me know by the end of this week, I appreciate to get as many feedbacks as possible for a representative result.

Click here for the poll

Thank you so much

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