Shruti Dandekar



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I just launched my eBook "ABOUT face : Portrait quilts using the reverse applique technique".

I am an architect by profession. I took up quilting on a sabbatical and got so hooked onto it that I now refuse to go back to my full time job! I have a lovely 450 square feet studio in Sangli, a small town in India. I love every moment that I spend there!
I am a self taught quilter. I have always relied a lot on the online quilting community for guidance. I call myself a Modern Art Quilter. It was because of the non-availability of most of the quilting supplies here that I started experimenting with various alternatives. But I enjoy that aspect of my work much more!
After I made a portrait of my Husband's great-grandfather, using more than 3500 pieces of applique over a period of 3 months, I knew there had to be an easier way. It was when I made the Steve Jobs portrait that I came up with the Reverse Applique Technique.
I have written an eBook that I launched recently about the same. You will find snippets here on the blog about my favorite methods of quilting, my experiments with different media and the fun I have with Ross (my Bernina 710) and Emily (my Bernina 330).