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My perfect planner


Hi! I am happy to present you my first project on the Bernina blog”My Perfect Planner”.

Creating handmade planners and notebooks is my passion and I want to share it with you and involve you in the process!

Making your own planner is much easier than it seems! I invite you to join my online studio and create your first planner in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with my assistance.

As a big lover of handmade things I surround myself with everything that inspires and brings joy. A planner has become my everyday accessory. So once I decided to create one of my own design and using technology which I have developed after some years of doing projects in my studio.

I am happy to share the process of creation here with you and hope you will enjoy it.

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I did my best to make it all as clear and well-organised to you as possible.

Free downloadable patterns, check list, printable pages
You can find all free downloadable files is below the first video.

So, let’s get started!

1. Tools and materials

2. How to print patterns and put them together

3. Let’s cut out all parts!

4. Let’s prepare all parts for assembly

5. Assembly of pockets

6. Installation of a ring binder and a magnetic snap.

7. Are you ready to put all parts together?

You’ve done a great job and are almost ready to put down first notes on fresh printed pages!

I’d love to suggest you some more ideas of a cover decor and making your planner more functional with pockets.

8. How to decorate the cover of your planner with cut out flowers.
I used flower dies and a die-cutting machine to make flowers. But it is absolutely possible to cut out any other elements with just scissors or a plotter.

9. Let’s make beautiful and functional pockets.

10. Cross hatch design of a cover

11. How to decorate the edge of your planner with piping.

12. Let’s print out pages!

I hope you enjoyed making a planner together with me using you Bernina machine as it really provides a great quality of sewing such thick sandwiches as in this project.

In case you have questions I will be happy to help you. Leave your comments here and I will give you an answer as soon as I can.

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