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We all love our Berninas

My closest Bernina dealer is just over an hour’s drive away, so I’m not a frequent visitor.  When an invitation to a special event dropped into my inbox, though, I knew that I just had to accept.  It was to a demonstration of the new Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 and the set of quilting rulers designed to use with it.  Not only that, but Hannah, from Bernina was going to be demonstrating Version 8 of the Designer Plus Embroidery software which I’ve been exploring on my free, 30 day trial.  During the last couple of weeks I’ve been wondering if I should become fully familiar with the Version 7 which I own already before upgrading, or if I should move right along and enjoy all the latest features.


It’s always good to watch an expert demonstrate all the features of a program and a group of half a dozen of us sat around and watched as Hannah showed us the finer points.  Of course, we were all intrigued by her samples (and her beautifully embellished dress!)


For me, I was reassured by the familiar interface of the upgraded version.  Having done a little work with Designer Plus V7 already, I was relieved that Version 8 didn’t look that different.  But could I get an answer to my question?  Should I upgrade?

Well, the answer was soon forthcoming.  As soon as I knew that V8 includes the cutwork feature of the Bernina Design Works program I use, it was definitely going to be a worthwhile transition.  I get so easily confused by the two programs, the idea of being able to use the cutwork feature in the embroidery software is a bonus.  Not only that, but the photostitch is an instant hit, of course!


It’s useful to have a reminder, too, that a single motif can be explored in so many ways using the features of both versions of DesignerPlus, isn’t it?


I always give up way too soon and find such reminders very useful.   I have a new challenge to explore!


With a cup of coffee in hand, I couldn’t wait any longer to see what clever things Jane was doing in the workroom.  I’d heard the machine humming away and knew something exciting was being created.


I’d seen people quilting with rulers online and watched some videos of the technique but without a Bernina foot for my precious 880, hadn’t felt able to give it a try.  With the launch of these new accessories and the #72 foot, the time had come not only to take a closer look but to give it a try!


I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started, and how quickly what looked like a pretty tricky quilt pattern could be stitched.  I was so impressed by my first attempt, because I am a real beginner when it comes to machine quilting.


Reassured by the wealth of supporting resources available, boosted by the knowledge that Jane and Hannah are there, ready and willing to share their knowledge and expertise, I added a new foot and a set of rulers to my Bernina collection.


It will take me some practice before I create a masterpiece but equipped with such an amazing machine, I have all the tools I need – and no excuses 😉

What a great morning spent in the company of Bernina fans, sharing the love!

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  • LOVE quilting with rulers!
    Are these available in the UK

  • Wonderful!

  • portma

    Hi Gill,
    does the brochure for quilting with rulers come together with the ruler set? Or where did you get it from? Thanks

  • Caro

    Hi Alessandra, thanks for your comment and I’m very sorry for the late reply but I have good news – the ruler kit will be available in the UK soon. The European launch of the ruler set has happened only a few days ago. You can keep an eye on (our UK distributor’s accessory shop) or even contact our UK distributor through The article number of the ruler kit is 102379.70.01. Kind regards from Switzerland, Caro

  • Caro

    Hi portma, thanks for your comment. The brochure isn’t part of the ruler kit set. But it was developed by BERNINA of America and you download the instructions in English: You only need a fabric with Quilt-Panels by Amanda Murphy to use the instructions – but you can buy fabric like this in BERNINA shops. Have a nice day and all the best Caro

  • portma

    Hi Caro,
    thanks for your answer but the booklet shown in this post is not identical with the ebook you mentioned.
    I still hope Gill will tell me where it comes from.
    Have a great day and thanks again!

  • Caro

    Hi portma, oh I’m very sorry for the wrong information. 🙁 But yes, maybe Gill can help, that would be great. Have a great day as well and all the best