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Holiday projects with the grandchildren #1

The grandchildren have been with us for Easter and as usual Nanna organised a few crafty things for them to do.  These are t-shirts with motifs they chose and designed themselves.  I asked them to draw the outlines in black felt pen (Sharpie) on paper which I then scanned and digitized in the Bernina software.  I stitched out the outlines in black thread.  They then coloured in the motifs using fabric felt pens (Stained by Sharpie).

Caitlyn and the front of her t-shirt

Caitlyn (11) is a fan of Taylor Swift and made a great job of adding patterned colour to the letters.


Euan (7) traced his spitfire and then added the colours – super cool.

Two happy grandchildren and one proud Nanna.

Both designs were stitched out using the large oval hoop and my #26 foot with the straight stitch plate.  I used OESD Stabilstick Cut-Away stabilizer which I laid on the back across the centre and stuck it to the hoop frame.  It worked a treat (thanks, Dawn).


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    What a great idea for a project, Hilary! All to their own taste. The children look so pleased with themselves don’t they? So nice to have a souvenir to take home which they can wear – and show off! Well done Nanna!!

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