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Quilt for a Queen


I was wondering what I could do on my block when I suddenly thought of a stamp.  The block was only 6″ square so it suited something simple.  A quick sketch and I realised I had to work out exactly what I wanted to be on the block.  The perforated edge was important and it had to be a 1st class stamp, of course!  Did I need E ll R?  Did I need the date and was just putting 90 clear enough?  I tried out several combinations before settling on the final.







Then I needed to create the design for the embroidery.  I took the image from a real stamp and converted it in Photoshop with the ‘Cutout’ filter.  Then I imported this file into Art Canvas in the Bernina software.

Stamp    Stamp-head-4

My first stitch-out showed that I had forgotten to change the pull compensation and that I also needed to change the stitch density.  My sample was so stiff and distorted.  The second sample was much better so I was ready to commit to stitching out on the provided square of fabric.


To be sure that I had the design in the correct position, I used the design print-out taped to the under side of the grid template.  I used sticky stabilizer which I stuck to the underside of the hoop and trimmed to the edge of the hoop.  I laid the fabric square on the sticky stabilizer.  I also added a layer of tear away stabilizer under.


It all stitched out without a hitch but I found that the heat from the wonderful bright lamp on the machine did affected the sticky stabilizer and it was almost impossible to remove.  Something to consider in future!


I learnt some very useful lessons – I just hope I remember them next time!






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