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Snow White Silk Cushion Cover

Hello everyone,

I am Kalindi Sandeep Hambir from Pune, India. I am very happy and excited to post my first blog on Bernina blog as Bernina long arm Ambassador. Recently, I have been a proud owner of Bernina Q20.

Bernina Q20 is a user friendly table fixed long arm quilting machine with BSR foot and many more features. Since, Bernina launched Q20 in India, it was my dream to own it. My family and I were very excited when it arrived at my studio in July 2016. I thank Sabine Scheiner and Ajay Gupta of Bernina, India, to extend all their support.

Bernina Q20 is a new member of my family whom I have decided to call “Genie”. Genie (the kind hearted demon who fulfills all the wishes of his master) is my Art Quilt, which was acclaimed at Dubai International Quilt Festival 2016 and Claudia Pfeil award this year in the HMQS show. Therefore, “Genie” is at the root of my heart.

I was confused with which project to begin. I finally decided to make a cushion cover with different quilting techniques and patterns. Furthermore, I took inspiration from the Cambodian Hindu Temples carved designs.

I made a few designs and transferred them onto pearl white cotton silk material. I used the trapunto technique to get an embossing effect by suppressing the other parts of the cushion cover with dense quilting; pebbling and stippling patterns. I used the superior pearl white thread which is a little darker than the fabric shade as it gave a rich look.

My Genie has basting feature which is very helpful for faster basting.

The outline is done using the BSR mode 1 and the stippling and pebbling is done using manual mode.

I enjoyed making this pillow cover on my Genie. Its new features helped me increase my speed in terms of everything.

IMG_0714 IMG_0720  IMG_0942 IMG_1294 IMG_1296 IMG_1316 IMG_1322 IMG_1334 IMG_1337 IMG_1367 IMG_1441 IMG_1449 BAS_6223 BAS_6223s

This is how my Genie creates a beauty out of plain white silk and motivates the artist in me.

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