Michelle Mischkulnig



Sewing Favorite

Free motion embroidery


Textile Artist



I am an Australian textile artist with a passion for texture and colour. I wake each morning with the joy of knowing a day of creativity lays ahead with its challenges and unexpected twists the journey undefined and the views are fantastic .A day full of the excitement of textiles, colour and stitch.I am incredibly privileged to be a visual textile artist.My art works are Algeria colour for the soul and created to put a smile on ones face.

My work is an expression of my life, my life full of happiness, joy, a beautiful family, good friends and laughter. My inspiration comes from warm winter sun, the sound of the ocean, darting dragonflies, places I have been, family holidays, first spring gardens and everyday life. To wake each day knowing I will be creating an art work that brings joy to those who see it is very fulfilling.
From the time of our birth we are surrounded by colour and texture. The softness of baby’s skin, butterfly kisses laid gently on our cheeks. As we move through our life colour and texture bring to us emotive feelings, memories good and bad. Colour and texture affect our emotions, the motion and blueness of the sea, the first stirrings of spring.
I hand paint my silks, I collect threads, chords, ribbons and found objects and paper - a bit like a bower bird [only I collect a kaleidoscope of colour]. I build up layers of colour and texture tearing folding cutting twisting, raw edges, fraying. I love the way silk absorbs and reflects colour. Each art piece evolves as I am making it, I do not have drawings to work from, as I never know what will inspire me to go in a new direction, try some new ingredient, and push myself to experiment with something novel. It is always exciting, like reading an embracing book, you can’t wait to turn the page and the next and the next.
My faithful sewing machine has seen me through 30 years, a few new motors and 17 solo exhibitions. It is with the machine that I draw all the elements together; adding texture and colour. I also embellish my work with hand stitching, beading and collaging.
I am passionate about my art, created with joy, love and passion, often evoking a feeling of happiness in others. When I sell a piece of my work it is a sense of loss personally as each piece has a piece of me in it.

Textile Design RMIT 1979-1981
Stonehouse gallery
Associate director 1988 - 2003
Director 2003 - present
Warrandyte Artist Trail committee member 2011
Yarra Valley grammar School art show 2001-2006
“Garnish” art curator for restaurants and wineries 2008-2009
Crafts Victoria exhibition 1982
Cuppacumbalong Gallery ACT 1983-1988
Beaver Galleries Wearable art 1985 and 1986
Wyreena art Gallery 1994
Skepsi gallery 2001
Solo exhitions
Togs Castlemaine 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012
Stonehouse Gallery 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2010
Yering Station Gallery 2011 2015
Eagles Nest Fine Art Gallery 2014

Residencies and symposia teaching
Traveling Tutor Craftours.com , Jim West Travel 2015 ongoing
Berry Qulit retreat tutor 2016
Perth Stitches and craft show tutor 2016
Lake Tahoe art quilt Tutor 2017
Artist in residence
Boronia Heights Primary school 1997
Residence Range View Primary School 2002
Tutor Australian Quilters Association symposium 2001
Tutor Australian Quilters association symposium 2003

Guest artist Mount View art show 2010 and 2011
2010 best other medium
2011 encouragement award
2012 best other medium
2013 best other medium
2014 best other medium
Derinya art show
Guest artist 2007
Best other medium 2009
Peoples’ choice award
Caulfield grammar art show 2008
People choice award 2008

Yarra valley grammar School
Brest Screen Victoria
Warrnambool hospital
Other smaller public institutions and private businesses.
Currently working on Commissions from Ireland, France, America and Canada