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How to make a fabric book cover

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions on how to make a fabric book cover. I really love giving books as presents. For me there is no better present than a book selected with care, encased in a beautiful fabric that not only protects it from dirt and book corners, but also makes it look very pretty.

IMG_0409 IMG_0411It is very simple to make and can be done really quickly.

You need:

    • First, of course, the book you want to cover
    • A nice fabric
    • A ribbon / leather strap
    • A small bell

    In the video I show you how you can sew a straightforward, beautiful cover, completely without seams:


In this case it is actually a cover for a maternity card, which is basically a small, very thin book. But it enables you to easily get an idea of how this works.

You just have to adjust the size of the pattern to the dimensions of your book.

First a pattern needs to be created. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done on paper, but can be draw directly on the fabric. This is best done with a magic pen that then just disappears after a while.

To do this, place the book on the fabric, open it, draw around the book, add a 1.5 cm seam allowance, and cut the fabric to form one piece.

Now only the side panels are missing. These are each cut once in the fold for each side, corresponding to the size of the book, and then you can start sewing.

When the book is finished, I like to wrap a pretty ribbon or a leather strap with a bell around it. This can then be used as a bookmark.


I wish you great enjoyment with the sewing and giving.

Wishing you lots of love and a Merry Christmas!
Rebecca Lina

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    Hi Rebecca, now that would be a great wrapping for the books I have here to give as presents. Thanks for the video. I don’t speak German but there is enough video to see how you have done it without the words. Thank you.

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