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Cooking Embroidery Alphabet: 3 letters in 1 post – Q, R and S

Today is happy friday, so we have 3 letters in 1 post! Have lots of fun while embroidering!

When I was thinking about the letter Q – my look swept through my small and comfortable kitchen and stopped at the wooden beater. Perfect to mix my submarine paste.


And perfect for the letter Q.

Just download letter Q here: Cooking-Alphabet-Q

The letter R is accompanied by a mixing bowl, which is indispensable in every kitchen. I’ve got 3 mixing bowles in different dimensions and use them for mixing a paste to make a pizza *njam* :-), arrange the salad and hit a delicious sauce, which I can put over my noodles.


Just download the R with the mixing bowl here: Cooking-Alphabet-R

Within the zip-file, you will find many different formats and a pdf-file containing all the information to color change and size information.

The cooking-alphabet is coming to an end soon. Here, I bring the letter S to you, which has a small pile of cups with saucers. A delicious cup of coffee belongs to every good meal.


Download letter S here: Cooking-Alphabet-S

You have embroidered some of the letters of my cooking alphabet?

I would be very happy to see your projects! Share them within our community section. 🙂

Best regards


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