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Cooking Embroidery Alphabet 2 in 1: Y and Z

Today is happy friday, and we bring you the joy of the last two letters of our Cooking Embroidery Alphabet! 🙂

Do you have a mortar in your kitchen? For a long time I thought that I don’t need one, until my lovely husband brought me a mortar which suits perfectly with my casserole. And I admit, since that moment I use the mortar for so many different things like peppercorn, herbs, Pesto.. I always find something.

So, download the letter Y here and have fun: Cooking-Alphabet-Y

Within the zip-file, you will find many different formats and a pdf-file containing all the information to color change and size information.


Now, last but not least – I’m presenting the very last letter of my Cooking Embroidery Alphabet to you – the Z!

And the letter Z is accompanied by a lemon squeezer:

Download the Z with the lemon squeezer here: Cooking-Alphabet-Z

Thank you very much for your patience while collecting all of the letters and all the nice comments which always make me a lot of pleasure. 🙂

Best regards


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