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Cooking Embroidery Alphabet: 3 letters in 1 post – T, U and V

Our wednesday starts with a small trick & treat bag for you reminding on halloween: 3 letters in 1 post! Have lots of fun while embroidering!

The idea for the letter T is a cradle knife – do you also have one in the garden shed ? I use it for reaping my herbs in the garden.


Therefore the letter T is accompanied by a cradle knife. Just download letter T here: Cooking-Alphabet-T

We already had a pepper mill – But today, I have the matching salt mill for you. She fits the letter U and belongs to the last 6 letter of my Cooking-Alphabet.

I don’t know which one is your favorite salt, but mine is the “Fleur de Sel”. I strew the coarse salt often above salads or pasta, but when I have to use the fine-ground salt then I use my own salt mill.


Download the U with the salt mill here: Cooking-Alphabet-U

Within the zip-file, you will find many different formats and a pdf-file containing all the information to color change and size information.

A kitchen without a knife won’t work! Here is a rustic knife – imagine, you have no knife but you have to cut something. No chance. Certainly, you agree that good knives are very valuable in the kitchen.


Download letter V here: Cooking-Alphabet-V

Do you have ideas for the last 4 letters ? Just send me your ideas 🙂

Have you already embroidered some of the letters of my cooking alphabet?

I would be very happy to see your projects! You can just share them within our community section. 🙂

Best regards


Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Products:
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

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