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BERNINA Triangle QAL – Block 7


There is a reason to celebrate: you have already finished half of the “special blocks.” Hooray! I hope you are not tired of sewing with the FPP technique. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is so easy for beginners to get accurate and successful results.

Block 7 varies the last block of the BERNINA Triangle QAL by adding another small triangle. Therefore, in terms of the sewing technique, this block is actually just a repetition of the last. Only the look is slightly changed.

For those who are experienced at patchwork: You can also simply cut 4 small triangles with a 1/4″ seam allowance and put them together. I have drawn a corresponding pattern for you for this purpose.


Please select either-or from the downloads. That is, if you like the precise results with paper sewing or are not very experienced with patchwork, you can select FPP. First, please print out six pages of the attached paper template (for 6 finished blocks).

Download Block 7 FPP

(If you already have some experience, do not like paper sewing, and you can handle a simple pattern for the small triangles without further explanation, you can choose the alternative download. There will be no step-by-step explanation for this in the remainder of this article. I believe the skilled patchworkers can handle this.)

Alternative download of the small triangle pattern for sewing without FPP, for skilled patchworkers

Here are the step-by-step instructions for the FPP technique:

Use the triangle pattern to cut out a triangle for area 1 and three triangles in the contrasting fabric (the patterns already contain the necessary seam allowances).


Following the number sequence, sew onto the printed side of the paper with the fabric on the blank side (back) of the paper.

Place a small triangle on area 1 with the right side facing up on the blank side of the paper, so that it completely covers the middle triangle of the graphic.You can check this by holding the paper up to the light.

Once this triangle is placed correctly, congruently set another small triangle on top for area 2, specifically on the side of the triangle adjacent to area 2. Pin. Then sew from the printed side of the paper, again with a stitch length of 1.5.



After the triangle has been sewn on, you can fold the paper on the seam and cut off the excess material to ¼”.




Using the same technique, sew on the triangles for areas 3 and 4.




Then cut out the triangle shapes precisely (with shortened corners), tear the paper off, and you have the finished triangle.


We need a total of 6 of these triangles.



That was pretty easy, right? I find that the pace of our article publication is working quite well overall and most are up to date. The tasks are also easily completed in a decent amount of time so that you can easily catch up if you were on vacation or focused on other things. Your fabric selection is always inspiring and I also love how many beautiful, modern fabrics are on the market.

See the variations for yourself in the community or on Instagram, as there are so many terrific fabric combinations featured there.

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Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: 1/4 Inch pressure foot, 60° ruler, cutting mat, Inch ruler, patchwork textile, quilt textile, roll cutter, sewing machine, sewing thread
Used Products:
Patchwork Foot #97
Patchwork Foot #97

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