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Easy instructions for creating nutcracker appliqués

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions instructions for creating nutcracker appliqués to embellish your table decorations or clothes – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Nussknacker applikation mit Korkstoff und SnapPap effect

Nutcracker appliqués

Hi there my dears, it is already time to open the 14th window on the Advent calendar. I hope you have been inspired by some of these fantastic ideas for decorations and gifts. I have created a lovely nutcracker appliqué for you. You can use it to embellish your table decorations or clothes. I have used it for a gift idea: pretty bottle bags, which are a very effective way of presenting a nice bottle of red wine. The free instructions for this can be found from today on my blog:

Veritas bottle bag.

Nussknacker applikation mit Korkstoff

I made the appliqués out of SnapPap effect gold and gold-flecked cork fabric. The gold SnapPap gleams with lots of warm gold tones, giving the nutcracker a silky smooth sheen. Combined with the cool grey and turquoise tones, it is really festive. Of course, you can use any of your favourite fabrics for the appliqués.

You can design the large and small nutcracker however you like, using moustaches, hearts or faces. Or decorate it with buttons and cords, as I have done with the big one.

Download free nutcracker appliqué



  • Depending on size, woven fabric, cork fabric or SnapPap effect
  • Fusible web
  • Buttons and cord as required, fabric glue

You can just iron on the SnapPap effect and cork fabric with fusible web if you are in a hurry. These materials are both non-washable. For more long-lasting nutcracker appliqués, it is best to use cotton fabrics.


Anleitung Nussknacker applikation mit SnapPap

Trace the nutcracker onto the paper side of the fusible web and cut it out roughly. Iron the fusible web onto the fabric with the paper side up. It is important that cork fabric is only heated for a very short time, otherwise it will contract.

Anleitung Nussknacker applikation mit SnapPap

Cut out the nutcracker. You can cut out the face using a scalpel or a small pair of scissors. A hole punch can be used to punch out the eyes. Now you can attach buttons and other decorations to the nutcracker. Here, I have used 4 metal buttons and a cotton ribbon. Sew them on or, if you are using a stiff material like SnapPap effect, cut a small cross at the corresponding spot.

Anleitung Nussknacker applikation mit SnapPap

Sew them together on the back. Peel off the paper. Position the decorated nutcracker on the sewing project and iron it on.

Nussknacker applikation mit Korkstoff

Sew the nutcracker up using straight stitch (do not topstitch the SnapPap).

Nussknacker applikation mit Korkstoff

A group of nutcrackers all together looks really funny.

Anleitung Nussknacker applikation mit SnapPap

You can decorate the sewn nutcrackers with little hearts and moustaches. Either sew on or stick on using wood glue (Please note: not washable if glued.).


Have fun with the nutcracker appliqué and have a lovely run-up to Christmas,


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