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How to make an appliqué from reversible sequins

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in this blog post you can find detailed sewing instructions on how to make an appliqué from reversible sequins – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

How to make an appliqué from reversible sequins

How to make an appliqué from reversible sequins

It’s only a few more days until we are all sitting at the Christmas table in festive mood, in beautiful (maybe even home-made) clothes, with a big appetite, having opened our presents. You have already found lots of fantastic inspirational ideas for your festive celebrations behind the previous windows.

Today, I will show you my daughter’s festive outfit and how to make a beautiful sparkly reversible sequin appliqué.

Bling-Bling am Weihnachtskleid - mehr Informationen zum Schnitt und den Stoffen am Ende des Artikels

Bling-bling for a Christmas dress – more information about the pattern and the fabrics at the end of the article

For this, you will need:

  • Paper, pen and scissors to draw and cut out the template
  • A piece of sequin or reversible sequin fabric (sold by the metre, for example at…)
  • Fusible web (double-sided adhesive iron-on interlining) and an iron
  • Small, pointed scissors (e.g. nail scissors or similar)

Here’s how to proceed:

First, draw the motif you want in the required size on the paper. This is a matter of taste. Some people want it to be more discreet, others more prominent. For symmetrical motifs, we recommend folding the paper and only drawing on one half. This gives it a nice uniform result, as in our example of a heart.

Bei symmetrischen Motiven, das Papier falten und nur eine Hälfte aufzeichnen

For symmetrical subjects, fold the paper and only drawn on one half

Vorlage ausschneiden

Cut out the template

Now take the sequin fabric and iron a piece of fusible web about the size of your template onto the back.

Um das Vlies auf der Rückseite bügeln, alle Pailletten auf eine Seite streichen.

To iron the web onto the back, smooth all the sequins to one side.

Vorlage übertragen

Transfer the template

Next you transfer the template onto the paper carrier of the fusible web. Using a pair of scissors (please do not use fabric scissors), cut out the motif. For intricate designs, I would make sure that I cut about 2-3 mm outside the line. (More ideas for possible motifs are available below.)

You now have the appliqué in front of you with all the cut sequins at the edge. These are now dealt with individually.

Der Applications-Rohling

The appliqué blank

Use a pair of sharp scissors (e.g. nail scissors) to cut through the excess sequins at the narrowest point and remove them by hand. Do not cut into the threads attaching the sequins to the backing.

Alle angeschnittenen und überflüssigen Pailletten entfernen

Remove all the cut and excess sequins

3-4mm Rand ausarbeiten

Create a border 3-4 mm wide

Now place your appliqué on the prepared cut-out piece and pin it in two or three places before turning the fabric over. Due to the thickness of the sequins, it is recommended to iron on the second adhesive layer of the fusible web from the back. So turn over the fabric together with the appliqué and iron it on with the iron.

Von der Rückseite her Aufbügeln

Iron on from the back

Now you can edgestitch the appliqué together using the zipper foot, nice and close to the edge, and then sew your garment or decoration according to the instructions. In my case, this is a ChamäLeah dress using my own modular pattern. This model is a mixture of the basic pattern and extension 1. As an extra little effect, I also sewed some sequins onto the tulle of the skirt part by hand.

Schmalkantig feststeppen

Stitch together close to the edge

Other motifs

You can also use lots of other motifs. I would just be careful not to choose a motif that is too intricate. Here are some suggestions:

Weitere Vorschläge für Motive

Other motif suggestions

At the festive table

All dressed up in festive clothing, Christmas dinner with family and friends becomes the absolute highlight of the celebrations – apart from the presents that bring lots of smiles to the children’s faces, of course.

Das dauert.... Wann kommt denn nun denglisch das Christkind?

It can go on a bit though…. When can I play with my presents?

The dress is made of different materials:

  • Front and back: jersey
  • Sleeves: jacquard jersey top, viscose knit bottom
  • Skirt: 4 layers of cotton tulle

For the pattern, I have used my proven “ChamäLeah” modular pattern. More information is available on my blog.

Etwas lesen zum Zeitvertreib

Reading to relax and pass the time

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.



How to make an appliqué from reversible sequins

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