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Guest blog post: Meet Sarah Chatterton Textile Artist

Hello I’m Sarah Chatterton (this a guest post for BERNINA) I’m a textile artist based in a rural studio in Rowledge, Farnham.

My art work is created with free machine embroidery. Using my sewing machine as a tool for drawing & “colouring” with thread. Mixing and blending my threads like a fine artist would mix paints.


I graduated in 2010 from Winchester School of Art with a BA Hons in Textiles, Fashion & Fibre. Focusing on textile art.

Since then I have specialised in free machine embroidery, and each unique piece is inspired by the natural world. My current collection is based on seasonal British produce.

After joining my local community supported agriculture project (Farnham Community Farm), I found the vegetable share each week so beautiful in colour and texture, that I felt a strong urge to transform these natural beauties into pieces of textile art. I’ve always had the desire to adorn interior spaces with the delights of mother nature.

One of my main passions in life is to be as eco conscious as possible. Using natural or second-hand materials where possible and packaging with biodegradable and/or recycled materials. The environment is always in mind. 

Using my vintage Bernina 1008 I sew onto heavy weight natural calico/canvas. I don’t use an embroidery hoop as I find it restrictive. I like to think that I’m using my threads like paints, I call it “colouring-in” with thread.

After exploring various techniques in machine embroidery, I now just simply draw on the calico with a pencil then follow those lines with my stitching. If the pencil hasn’t been covered by the stitches then I can just use a rubber to remove the pencil.

Past collections have been inspired by other Flora &  Fauna, including Birds & flowers. Mother nature really is the “fabric of life”.


Difficulty level: Advanced
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: calico, canvas, cotton, cotton fabric, fabric, machine threads, metallic threads, off-white fabric, sewing machine, sewing thread, thread
Used Products:
Darning Foot #9
Darning Foot #9

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    Simply amazing piece of art. Very beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing this information.

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