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Today I am going to share with you a personal story about my embroidery life and how doing what you love can really take you to the most amazing places. This story also includes a very special friend, a tattoo in memory of friends lost in conflict and an amazing organisation.

What I love most about doing embroidery is that it’s different everyday and I get to meet and help the most wonderful and creative people.

It’s a great feeling when you get to do embroidery for your friends and loved ones! I think you can really see the love and care we put into this project.

All we had to work with was a photo taken from a camera phone of his back, so we blew the picture up and imported it into our Bernina software as artwork and digitized over the top in the right order we needed it to be sewn in. After detailed examination we narrowed it down to only 4 hooping’s and we were happy with the results. We used some very useful features found in the Bernina Designer Plus V8 to make this design come to life. Amongst using the true type font imported into the Bernina software from Windows which made things incredibly simple we then used a variety of open and closed objects with selected fill types for the poppies. The candlewicking feature was used to create the crown jewels effect around the edge of the crown itself, the rising sun was directional satin lines.

2017-04-24_1227 2017-04-24_1228 2017-04-24_1301 2017-04-24_1304 2017-04-24_1228_0012017-04-24_1229_001 2017-04-20_1919

After a month of digitising and prep work this is the final result of our special request for an Australian veteran. He wanted a full custom job of his own tattoo design created on a hooded jumper.

18051541_731248340387537_1908489683_n 2017-04-20_1919

Don’t you just love fabric shopping? So do I and I can honestly say you can bump into the most amazing people everyday while shopping for fabric. I met Vicky and Barbara at a local Bernina Dealer: Sewers Delight back in November where we got chatting and sharing projects and they very kindly said their organisation would like to make Karhl a quilt with the design. I met the lovely Quilts of Valour Volunteer Therese back in March for coffee. We enjoyed coming up with ideas on how we could design the quilt with colour choices and techniques.

2017-04-20_1919_001          20170201_100026

Therese transformed the design we created as a centre piece into this beautiful colourful quilt top.

She added hand applique of poppies and slouch hats with a wonderful colour selection of fabrics.

Thank you Therese for the amazing work on the quilt.

111 222 333


Therese and I caught up a few weeks later at a local Bernina dealer: Sewco Sewing and Patchwork for a coffee, where Chris nicely offered to quilt the quilt for the organisation.

Wadding was added and a deep red backing fabric to suit the quilt top and binding to finish the style of this quilt. Thank you Chris & Therese

18119749_732988576880180_726247764_o          18035077_732988253546879_802657951_n

Quilts of Valour Australia

about-logoQuilts of Valour Australia’s mission is to present quilts to service members and veterans of the ADF in recognition of their sacrifice for Australia whilst deployed in combat operations. The recognition will also be extended to the families of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Other coalition forces are involved in making quilts to wrap the wounded in love, care and healing. It is such a powerful symbol in a traumatic time that it felt like an important issue that Australia should become involved.

Victorian resident, Helen, learnt how touched an injured soldier was by the warmth of the quilt he was awarded by the American Quilts of Valor, she was inspired to establish an Australian organisation based on this foundation. Through consultation with this foundation and support from the Victorian Quilters’ Guild and the Berwick RSL sub-branch, Quilts of Valour Australia was formed in 2012.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded by an American mum in 2003, who saw the need to support soldiers effected by war on her son’s return from deployment in Iraq. The mission of the American Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

Please support this amazing organisation by Visiting their website and liking their Facebook Page .

The quilt was awarded to Karhl Pickering by Vicki and Warwick Venables from Quilts of Valour Australia

Karhl served in Fiji and Afghanistan. The centre piece inspired by a tattoo in memory of friends lost in conflict.

Thank you Karhl for your Service, Sacrifice and Valour.

All Quilts are awarded in pillow cases also made by volunteers.


Please leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Lou Robertson

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    The work put into this awesome piece of digitizing is a huge credit to Lou and her husband Gareth. The work involved in this piece is absolutely amazing and so beautiful, awesome work by all the people who helped make such a gorgeous quilt. Quilts of Valor is an amazing organisation. Thank you Karhl for your dedication and service.

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