Hobrlant Tatjana



Sewing Favorite

digitalization, embroidery, patchwork


designer for embroidery designs

Brought up in the 70s in Thuringia, Tatjana Hobrlant had a love of handicrafts and sewing dolls clothes even as a small child. After taking a sewing course, at an early age, she made her entire wardrobe herself, from trousers to shirts and coats to bags.
After graduating from high school and completing a banking apprenticeship, her creativity decreased somewhat.

Since 1998, she has been married and lives with her family in a small village in Bavaria, near Nuremberg in Germany. After the birth of her son Paul in 1999, she rediscovered her "old" hobby of sewing.

She gave up her career to devote herself to her family and, increasingly, to her new hobby of machine embroidery and digitising, making the Bernina embroidery software and embroidery machine her own.
Out of this, in 2007, came a family business when the website "Der Stickbär" was born. In her online shop, Tatjana sells the digitised embroidery designs she lovingly creates.