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My B 780 the working horse

I’ve often heard the BERNINA 830 called a DIVA. Well, that may be true – after all, it is something very special.
My BERNINA 780 is one, too, but it’s also a real workhorse. That’s why the term “Diva” doesn’t really fit it. It’s more of a “busy bee”. I have never seen such a robust machine as this one. But I don’t hold back when it comes to experimenting either, so at the weekend I used it to sew together as many as three (!) layers of 2 mm thick woollen felt, and it was effortless.
The result is my new handbag.

The appliquéd flowers are also made from the same 2 mm thick woollen felt. I’ll show you how I secured them to the bag using the example of my new Smartphone pouch, which I made right after making my handbag.
Perhaps you would like to sew a cosy new jacket for your phone too.
First, I cut a section of felt. This is easiest with a rotary cutter and ruler. Base the measurements on the size of your phone. The felt strip should be twice as long and at least 3 cm wider than the phone.
You will also need to cut flowers, circles and leaves from different colours of felt.

I threaded my B 780 with a No. 12 woollen thread – it is important to use a Lana needle or a top stitch needle for this! Any other needle will make life difficult for you when using woollen thread.
Next I place the leaves on the felt and attach them securely using a 4 mm-long triple stitch.

Using the clear sole foot #34D, I can see everything and the felt is transported perfectly.
This #34D foot is also ideal for my embroidered tendrils. I sew very slowly, stitch by stitch, turning the piece of felt a little after completing each triple stitch. This creates the curve in the material. The hover lever is my best friend for this, allowing me to quickly lift the presser foot a little.

I sew the lower disc of the flower in the same way. Here, the stitch goes slightly beyond the edge of the flower. This pushes the thick felt down a little and makes the flower appear more three-dimensional.

Of course, I change the thread depending on the colour of the flower.

Now I want to appliqué the inner circle of the flower with a quilt stitch. I’ve opted for stitch no. 1356. The needle sews 5x back and forth.

If I sew very precisely along the edge of the circle using this stitch, it becomes almost invisible and only the thick transverse stitches remain visible.
To make sure I really do stay exactly on the edge, I use the edgestitch foot 10D.

Can you see it? It really does look hand-stitched! I love this stitch! Only the B 780 and B 880 has it!

Once my flower appliqué is finished, I fold the two short ends of the felt strip together and sew a triple stitch seam down the left and right sides. Again, I use the Edge stitch foot 10D.

Using the wave rotary cutter, I quickly give the upper edge a bit of a flourish and now my phone is warm and cosy!

Please don’t forget to clean the needle plate after sewing with felt.

Have fun making your own and all the best,

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