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I am such a fan of Japanese Sewing. Most of the clothes I sew for myself are patterns from Japanese Sewing books. I recently purchased the book Shapes and Clothes (quite frankly, I could not resist). The book has 22 full size patterns of unconventional shapes that unexpectedly reveal themselves as draped tops and dresses. Each pattern consist of just 2 pattern pieces which makes them a quick and easy sew despite instructions being written in Japanese.

Navy drape dress4_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedNavy drape dress6_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedI chose pattern O, a loose fitting asymmetrical drape dress. The patterns in Shapes and Clothes are ‘one size fits all’, but I would say that this dress would fit a UK size 10 -18.

I made mine using some beautiful organic navy jersey and I just love the result. I think I’m obsessed with drapes.

Navy drape dress2_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedNavy drape dress5_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted Navy drape dress8_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedI made a couple of changes to the pattern:
I raised the neckline (personal preference) and I hand stitched the hem (even though it’s a bugbear of mine), the pattern suggested iron on hemming tape, but I wasn’t sure how effective that would be. Anyway hemming didn’t take too long and I think I did a good job because it’s practically invisible from the front.

Navy drape dress9_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedNavy drape dress7_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted
Navy drape dress_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedI’m looking forward to the warmer weather to get full use out of this dress. But for now, I think I’ll go back to my Shapes and Clothes book to start planning of my next project.  Watch this space.

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