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Bathrobe – mark two!

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Why not make a new bathrobe? The old one hangs barely used in the wardrobe and is much too warm, but it was an emergency purchase that I never really liked. Which is a good reason for a new one. In my bottomless collection of fabric, I found a waffle pique that had been waiting there to be sewn for several years. And as I had already made the pattern for “Inspiration”, the decision was made. My new one had to have a high recognition factor on a visit to the sauna; it should not look like a thousand other ones. That’s how I came up with the idea of decorating mine with a customised logo.


And this is the result. I lengthened it a few centimetres for my needs. The lapel was widened by a centimetre. It is not lined because waffle piques have two “nice” sides, but instead I designed and customised a trim.

All changes are marked with red dashed lines on the drawing.


Einfaches RGB

6550 Morgenmantel-Zeichnungen Internet-02

The cuff is also the hem so it is only a mock cuff. In order that the seam allowance is in the cuff, the sleeve seam was placed with the right sides together and closed from the top, down to the last 10 cm. Cut in the allowance up to the last stitch, place the rest of the sleeve seam with the wrong sides together and close. Now turn the hem outwards and topstitch with folded allowance.


Ärmel innen IMG_6371

Ärmel innen IMG_6371 mark

The star ribbon decorates the sleeve hems, the pocket and – very important in the sauna – the hanger!

Aufhänger IMG_6364

I have picked up the stars again in my logo. The logo is on a pocket and a big version is on the back. And no – it’s my own logo and has very different origins to what it might seem at first glance 😉 I have also used the logo to decorate my bathing bag, so everything has the same look.


And now that I have such a beautiful new bathrobe, I really love it and wear it more often than I thought I would. If you would like to make the bathrobe too, you can find the pattern in the current issue of Inspiration 65.



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