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Sewing a snowman mug rug for the Christmas table

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing a snowman mug rug for the Christmas table.

From our cosy quilt workshop in Tienhoven, we have devised something fun for your child or grandchild. A lovely mug rug in the form of a warmly dressed snowman for the breakfast table. Who could forget that single special candle or card next to their plate? Children love them, and the snowman can either hold a cup or have something delicious next to it. And what if your child prefers to play with it? Simply stuff it with some pillow stuffing to turn it into a round little doll.

Snowman Mug Rug

Required materials:

  • Piece of red flannel 40×25 cm
  • Piece of white flannel 15×15 cm
  • Piece of cream flannel 10×10 cm
  • Piece of green spotted flannel 10×15 cm
  • Piece of orange flannel 3×5 cm
  • Black felt  4×10 cm
  • Vliesofix (double-sided fusible webbing) 15×25 cm
  • Matching thread in the colours used
  • Black and red embroidery thread
  • Hobbs (80% cotton/20% polyester) membrane 20×25 cm
  • The pattern can be found at the bottom of this message.


Cut the snowman along the outer edge of the paper. Cut this shape with 0.5 cm additional seam, folded double, from red fabric, right sides together. Cut 1x out of Hobbs membrane.

* Draw the edge of the hat, the pumpkin on the hat, the cufflinks and the star in mirror image on Vliesofix, and cut broader than the line. Iron the parts onto the wrong side of the white flannel. Neaten the edges.

Do the same * for the face made of cream flannel, the nose made of orange flannel, and the sections of the tie and gloves made of green flannel.

Remove the paper from all the cut parts and place the drawing on the snowman. Make sure you know what is at the front and back. Once you are satisfied, iron everything on to 1 section, the front  of the snowman.

With a small stitch, sew or zigzag around all the edges on the sewing machine, with matching thread.

Cut 3 buttons from black felt and sew them onto the body.

Draw a mouth and eyes with washable pen or pencil. Embroider what you have drawn with black thread.



Place the other section of the red snowman, the back,  with the right side against the finished front section, and place a piece of membrane on top. With 0.5 cm seam allowance, stitch the snowman parts, with stuffing, on top of each other and leave an opening at the bottom to turn it out.

Make small cuts in the seam at the corners. Turn everything right side out and iron it nice and flat. Hand-stitch the opening on the bottom closed. Quilt (thread with small stitches) the mug rug by hand or a sewing machine, and stitch the left arm so that it becomes visible.

You now have a beautiful mug rug for your child, which will look lovely on the breakfast table at Christmas, or on a cold wintry day. And… instead of just a mug, you can also place something delicious next to it.

Snowman Mug Rug BERNINA – if you click on this link, you will be taken to the instruction drawing, which you can then print out. Make sure that your printer setting is set to ‘print actual size’ and not a customised size.

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