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Online Marketing Assistant

My name is Ramona Wirth and I work as an Online Marketing Assistant at BERNINA International.

My mother teached me to sew little things on a BERNINA 830 Record, but I did not pick sewing as a regular hobby until I started making costumes and cosplay. Soon, friends asked me to help them with their projects. I started to do regular sewing workshops at my home and later, at BERNINA stores. I was a primary teacher back then, and teaching others was (and still is) one of my passions.

However, I soon realised my self-thaught knowledge is not enough, so I wanted to educate myself in order to be of better help. I got a degree as a Fashion Specialist and am currently studying Fashion Design & Technology at the Swiss Textile School.
So I stopped teaching in primary school in order to learn more about my passion and teach others how to sew.
Next to studying and work, I do costume workshops for BERNINA and embroidery commissions, since I love to programm with the V8.

So if you have any questions regarding the blog, patterns, sewing or embroidery, feel free to contact me!