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Summer project with 6 Boats: the fifth

Boat nr. 5 is next : download the free paper piecing pattern HERE. This boat will be made in the same way as the other boats, but let me show you how it’s done.

I’ve downloaded the pattern, made paper templates for this block. These have to be made for each block separate, because they are totally different from the first (and other) block(s).

Placing the paper templates on the Fossil Fern to see if the colors are right. That’s the right thing to do: check before cutting. This time the color for the water is lilac.

I have placed the paper templates on the WRONG side of the fabrics for cutting (remember: mirror image because of the paper piecing technique!). Cut the fabrics and put everything back, in the same order to keep an overview. 

Fabric 1 for section 1 is glued with the Bohin Glue Pen, not sewn. I’ve used the folding template on sewing line 1/2 zit, for cutting back fabric 1, including seam allowance. Using the Add-a-Quarter ruler and my folding template: if you don’t own this ruler, just use your regular quilting ruler. 

Fabric 2 for section 2 is placed underneath fabric 1, right sides (and edges) together. Instead of using pins, I will use Bohin Glue Pen to secure both fabrics, preventing them from shifting while bringing them to my sewing machine B770QE. Reducing the stitch length (1.50) for more perforations, making it easier to tear the paper away from the fabrics, once the block is finished. Making a couple of stitches ahead of the sewing line and beyond, to secure the fabrics, and a couple beyond the sewing line. You don’t have to anchor stitches, for securing your stitches. As long as they are small, they will hold.

Preparing for sewing fabric 3 onto sewing line 1/2 – 3: placing folding template on the solid line, folding the pattern over it and cutting the excess fabric along the seam allowance with the Add-a-Quarter ruler (or your regular quilting ruler). Sewing, folding the fabric back to the right side, ironing, cutting back the ‘extra’ seam allowance etc.

The front of my boat block, before cutting the block back.

and the back: you can see that the ‘extra fabric protrudes from the paper pattern. Now cutting it back ON the dotted line = edges of the seam allowance, gives me the right side of the block, seam allowances included.

And this is block 5! Colorcul block again.  Next time Boat 6 = the last boat: enjoy and see you then!  


Sylvia Kaptein

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