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Sew Your Own Soap Pouch – Zero Waste in the Bathroom

A handmade soap pouch is an excellent Christmas gift. I will show you how to sew one of these little pouches out of fabric remnants.

Sew Your Own Soap Pouch – Zero Waste in the Bathroom

You will need:

  • rough knitted fabric
  • a thin cord

Make sure that your material is not too thick or finely woven so that the soap can dry well inside it.

Cut two squares of equal size. You can choose the size you wish. Simply look at how large the pieces of soap are that you will later be putting in the sacks. If you only wish to use fabric remnants, a small sack will be just fine.

Remember to add a seam allowance to all of the edges and a hem allowance of approx. 2 cm on the top. Clean up all of the edges with a zigzag or overlock stitch.

Iron the upper 4 cm towards the interior and secure it with a straight stitch.

Fold the upper edges of the square two cm towards the interior and sew this seam along the edge so that a tunnel is formed.

Place the hemmed squares on top of one another, right side to right side, and sew them together along all of the remaining open edges. The upper edge with the tunnel stays open.

Turn the soap sack to the right.

Now you just need to thread the cord through. I prefer to use a safety pin for this. Cut the cord into two equal pieces. To be able to close the sack, a cord must be pulled completely through the tunnel. Pull one cord from one side and the other from the other side.

Now knot the cords, insert a nice bar of soap into the sack, and the zero-waste Christmas present for the bathroom is all done.

Find more awesome zero-waste gift ideas on my blog.

Free sewing instructions for a soap pouch

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    how about using an old towel instead of a bit of knit? I’m inspired to try, fed up with my soap falling through the slats in the shower caddy!

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