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♥ Cozy unicorn socks for unicorn lovers ♥

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Since it has gotten quite cold and windy outside, today I will show you how to sew these cozy unicorn knee socks. Until November 30, 2017, you can also use the discount code “Bernina” to receive a 10% discount on the Little Prince/Princess Curly Locks, pattern, which I am using here.

Material for the unicorn knee socks

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Sewing instructions for unicorn knee socks

Let’s get started:

First, print out the pattern and cut out the corresponding sizes.

To extend the pattern to knee sock length, first measure the length from the floor to the position where the knee socks should end. Remember that a cuff will be included as well. The circumference of the calf must also be measured so that the socks fit well.

Now adjust the cut so that it is extended by the determined length and expanded at the top by the calf circumference. Use the following formula: (calf circumference/2) x 0.8

Add a seam allowance of 0.6 cm on both sides. The cut part is conically widened.
Now the width and length of the cuff must be adapted so that it fits easily around the calf. Width = (calf circumference x 0.75) + 1.2 cm, Length = 5

I have illustrated the entire process clearly here.

DIY Einhorn Kniestrümpfe nähen Schnittanpassung

Now the socks can be sewn together.

First, the “back of the foot” and the “heel and shaft” are put together right-to-right and sewn together up to the marking.

Then the sole is sewn on. I sewed the socks together with an Overlock L 460 but you can also use a regular sewing machine and select a zig-zag or triple straight stitch.

DIY Einhorn Kniestrümpfe nähen Nähanleitung

Now prepare the cuffs for the unicorn elements. First, use a fabric marker* to draw two eyes in the middle of the fabric (don’t forget to iron to set the color).

Prepare the ears and unicorn horns by sewing together the triangles right-to-right at two corners and then inverting them. I don’t think I have ever worked with such tiny pieces of fabric…

When the ears and the horn are ready, stitch them into position or – if you are feeling confident – simply pin them to hold the position. Now sew the cuffs together first at the top and then close them in a circle.

Place the cuff in the sock as shown and pin evenly at four points. Make sure the face is facing forward.

Now simply sew it all together, repeat with the second sock, and your unicorn knee socks are ready!

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I hope you enjoy this sewing project!

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Free sewing instructions: Cozy unicorn socks

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: cutter, cutting mat, jersey, sciccors, sewing machine, sewing thread, textile marker, textile rest, textile scissors
Used Products:

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