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Tales from the sewing box with Katie from Eversewme

Do you know Eversewme? Behind this name is Katie, a British slow fashion and sewing influencer who lives in Lower Saxony. On her social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), with which she reaches a growing fan base, Katie shows stylish homemade fashion, which she skillfully presents. She thinks of her sewing as an inspiration (“don’t be afraid of patterns!”) and a statement against fast fashion. 

How did Eversewme begin, how does Katie manage to sew so much in addition to her other activities, why does she feel especially at home in Lower Saxony, and what sewing mistake will she definitely never make again?

You will find out all answers and much more in our interview: 

Interview with Katie from “Eversewme”

You are very active on social media, you have a wide-reaching Instagram channel, you are on Facebook and you write a blog. What do you show on your channels?
When I discovered the wonderful sewing community on Instagram, I started to follow other like-minded sewists. I was so inspired by their makes that I decided to share my own!
I also have a Facebook page however I prefer to use Instagram because it’s so simple and engagement is instant and positive. I also have a blog which I plan to launch properly in the new year to add extra substance to my social media content.

You say in your Instagram profile caption: ”Trying to change the taboo of handmade clothing” – which taboo do you mean?
There is a misconception that home-sewn garments look ‘hand-made’ and perhaps less stylish, basic or as simple as store-bought fashion. My makes show home-made items can be stylish, simple and fashionable. With so many indie and global pattern producers as well as easily-accessible fabrics online, I demonstrate that a hand-made wardrobe can be stylish and achievable.
I also want to inspire a younger generation to sew and move away from fast, throw-away fashion that becomes more popular every year.

Your engagement at the sewing machine and on social media is huge. But you don’t have a store. Is sewing a hobby and passion for you – or is there also a commercial aspect?
Currently this is just a hobby but my ambition is to create and sell my own patterns and box sets – early feedback from social media followers suggests there’s a demand so we’ll see how it goes!

How do you manage to create so many great outfits on top of your other to-dos?
This is a very good question! My day jobs and Eversewme complement one another. As my primary job, I work within the Marketing Team at Modestoffe Meyerink, a fabric supplier with five shops and an online store, where I teach sewing courses. I use their fabrics in my Eversewme makes. I also have a part time job for an import/export textile company as a translator – they supply me with fabrics to use and blog about.

How and from whom did you learn to sew, how did you grow as a sewist?
I studied Textiles and Garment Production at Leicester University. Following this I worked for Next in the UK as a garment technologist. After having my two sons I worked in graphic design for a few years and since living in Germany (nearly 10 years) I moved back into the textiles industry, print design and sewing.

What do you like most about sewing?
Sewing provides me with escapism; it’s peaceful. I suppose you could say it’s my Yoga! I love to follow instructions, I love fabrics and I love clothes and fashion.

How did you start “Eversewme” – when and why did you create this label and the online channels?
I initially created the name Eversewme because it’s catchy and personal – I wanted the name to be recognised within the sewing community. My original intention was to grow Eversewme into a business but instead I’m becoming a sewing influencer which will eventually provide an audience and a market for my business. I love the balance I have with work and Eversewme, so I’m keen to continue on this path.

Why is it called “Eversewme”?
The name Eversewme is a play on the phrase “That’s ever-so me”, which in the UK somebody would say when a garment really suits them! I just swapped out ‘so’ for ‘sew’.
When I thought of Eversewme I didn’t expect my social media presence to grow so fast in Germany!

You are English, but you live in Niedersachsen. What made you decide to move there?
I’m from the UK and I moved to Germany nearly 10 years ago with my sons as my husband is from Germany. Luckily for me, Niedersachsen has a thriving textile industry.

You speak and write both English and German, so you’re reaching out to fans in your old home country as well as German-speaking readers. Do you notice any differences between the German and English sewing community?
I like to engage with as many different people in the sewing community as possible. I’m inspired by their makes, tips and tricks. Having a dual nationality (German/British), I like to inspire my social media community from both countries by using both languages and creating styles with an international appeal.

You promote “slow fashion”. What does that mean for you? Is this commitment related to negative experiences in the fashion industry?
I believe we are in the grip of fast fashion. High street retailers encourage shoppers to buy cheap-quality clothes at low prices, using cheap labour and then to throw things away. That’s why it’s also called ‘disposable fashion’ and has a huge negative environmental impact, and is associated with exploitation.
I like to sew classic items that can be worn over and over. I put love into my items and would certainly never through them away. I also don’t want to line the pockets of high street fashion giants when I know I can sew my own clothes.

Do you only wear homemade clothes or do you also go shopping?
Most days I wear something I’ve sewn. I tend to buy jeans because I’m not the biggest fan of sewing trousers. My wardrobe is full of hand-made clothes, with an occasional shop-bought item.

What does your sewing world (“studio”) look like?
It’s quite basic – I have converted a room in the cellar. I’ve invested in a huge cutting table (after years of cutting patterns on the living room floor), in my BERNINA sewing machine and an overlocker. And most importantly my Bluetooth speaker for music and podcasts while I sew.

What project are you working on right now?
I’m currently working on two new test patterns for a supplier that will be released in the next few months. I often receive emails requesting that I test pattern or a sewing box. I’ll sew the item, check the instructions are clear and correct and that the item fits correctly. I photograph the competed garment and post about it on the launch day.

Do you collaborate with fabric manufacturers or pattern designers? How does that work?
I work with several international companies; Minerva UK, Fibremood in Belgium, BERNINA Deutschland, Wissew in France. I also work with smaller indie companies.

What was your best sewing moment so far?
I would say sewing my first winter coat. I started off small; tops, dresses and skirts but the sense of achievement I felt when I finished my winter coat was an absolute highlight for me.

How do you spend your free time when you’re not sewing?
I just started to teach myself crochet (with the help of YouTube and colleagues), so that’s a new hobby for me. I love to go on long walks, read and listen to podcasts. My sons are 13 and 15, so hanging out with their mum isn’t so cool anymore but I have loads of friends and a big family to socialise with.

Is there anything you’d like to share with other sewists?
In my sewing class, I advise my students not to be afraid. If you’re nervous when you sew, mistakes tend to happen. Relax, take your time. Read the instructions and just give it ago. The great part of sewing is an unpicker; if things go wrong, you can always unpick and start again!

Where do you think your creative journey will lead you?
I absolutely love to inspire others. It’s a huge thrill to receive a message from a follower who’s been inspired by one of my creations. In the future I’d like to create and sell my own patterns and sewing kits, but at the moment I enjoy mixing my hobby with my work.

For our own interest: We think you sew with BERNINA. Right? Do you like your machine(s)? 🙂
My BERNINA 480 is the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. Wonderful to sew with, it has all the features I need. It allows me to sew the most perfect buttonholes, which always drove me crazy using my old machine. It has a clever touchscreen and a fantastic feature that helps me to choose the correct stitch for the fabric being sewn. Plus, its jumbo bobbins prevent stop-starting when sewing large projects. I’m totally in love with my BERNINA!

Image of BERNINA 480.


The B 480 is made for all sewers and hobby tailors who love beautiful design but also sophisticated automatic features. A brilliantly simple machine.

Learn more

Is there an accessory that you particularly like?
My favourite feature is the knee lever to raise the foot, which makes work so much more comfortable, especially when I’m working on large projects. At university, I was taught to sew using an industrial machine with a similar knee lever system and a similar speed (900 stitches/min).

Fun facts 

Current favorite fabric? All-time Favorite?
I love to sew with woven viscose because it’s so versatile.

Favorite pattern designer
I love patterns from Marsha Style; an Australian pattern designer, and Fadenkäfer from Germany.

The three best addresses for sewing fans in your old home country England?
Tilly and the Buttons for patterns, Guthrie and Ghani for fabrics and blog fabric updates, and The Fold Line for all-round fabrics, patterns and inspiration.

What would you never sew?
Jeans, probably. I like my jeans to look washed and worn and I’m not sure how I would achieve this. But I never say never!

What do you receive the most compliments for?
Usually for my matching fabrics and prints to the pattern. This is not always easy.

What do you really want to sew one day?
So far I’ve sewn one bikini and next year I’ll create a swimming costume and some underwear. There are many new techniques I’d like to learn and challenge myself with.

What do you find most useful when sewing?
My unpicker! And a sharp pair of scissors, of course!

Undo seams or “oh, never mind”?
Undo seams…. I’m a bit of a perfectionist!

Soundtrack while sewing?

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Far too many… If I mentioned how many I would get into trouble! Shoes are the one item I can’t sew so I have to buy (that’s my excuse)!

Favorite color?
Blue – it’s a classic go-to

Your superhero?
That’s tricky. I’d love to be able to go back in time! I’ve always been fascinated in period drama costumes. I’d love to see how they were created.

Do you keep order in your sewing room or do you master chaos?
I try my best but its usally a creative chaos! Im lucky to have a space for my sewing that I can shut the door on!

Are you talking to your sewing machine?
I can’t say I have! Perhaps a little cross at times, but not at my machine, that’s at myself for doing something daft!

Do your sewing machines have names?

What sewing mistakes will you never make again?
Not checking that the PDF pattern has printed at 100% size! A coat I made before realising this mistake would have fitted a 5 year old!

One after the other or many things at the same time?
One after the other. It’s usually very tempting, but I have to talk myself out of it!

What kind of pins do you use?
Prym glassbead

Biggest sewing failure?
Printing a PDF pattern not at 100%

That’s where I want to go one day!
I would love to travel around Scandinavia, I love their simple home furnishings and clothing styles.

Favorite place?
It has to be London – living in another country can make you feel very patriotic! I miss London.

Someone uses your scissors to cut paper. How do you react?

More information about Kellie 

Learn more about Katie and her great projects here:




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