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Free pattern to sew a scarf for a man

You will find a free pattern to sew a scarf for a man in this blogpost. Who’s the lucky one to get it?

I have a good friend (not the model) and promised him to make something, after he knitted a 3m long scarf for me. I think he will like the scarf.

Sew a scarf with buttons for a man with free pattern

What do you need to use this free pattern to sew a scarf for a man?

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Sew the scarf:

Print the pattern, choose the right size and cut out the pattern parts. Seam allowance is not included.

Cut out twice from double folded fabric. It’s no problem to put one pattern piece upside down to cut out.

Take marks with darning thread, for all 4 parts.

Sew the back together:

Iron the seams open.

Iron the interlining to the back of the fabric.

Pin inner and outer part together, right sides facing as you can see on the picture below (if you want to add a label, insert it now). Sew from red pin to red pin. In this way you leave a hole to turn afterwards.

Cut away the corners and trim the seam allowance in the curved front part to 1/2 cm.

Turn the scarf inside out and iron the outline seam..

Topstitch all around. I started in the back with a decorative stitch. See the picture below for the settings. When using #20, you have a good view to stitch in the ditch.

I stitched the overall edge with a triple straight stitch. I think it creates a tough look (set stitch length to 4).  Now I guided the fabric towards the inner side of the toe of the presser foot.


Let’s continue with the buttonholes and buttons:

I chose for the keyhole buttonhole, it has a hole on the end. Be sure to sew a try first, on the same fabric and with stabilizer.

buttonhole cutter Bernina - sew scarf with button for man

To make this buttonhole, the machine starts at the closed end, so you sew towards the edge of the fabric on the front.

Draw lines with a heat erasable marker.

I placed the end of the marker line in the hole of the buttonhole foot (besides the small red line on the foot).

You open the buttonhole with the buttonhole cutter.

In between I embroidered a text on the back of the scarf. In this way, it is a very personal and unique scarf.

Sew scarf with buttons for a man - Mettler Poly Sheen, Bernina

I handsew the buttons. The scarf can be worn with the top part folded down, it is warmer in the neck. A fourth button, sewn at the back of the top button, can be useful.

Do you think it is a bit wide or narrow? You can reposition the buttons to adjust.

sew scarf with buttons for man - free pattern - Bernina - Amann Mettler

Fold the upper part down for a warmer effect.

With this free pattern to sew a scarf for a man, you could as well sew one (or more) for yourself. Change fabric, topstitch, button size to your own style and choice.

Free sewing tutorial: Men‘s scarf

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