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My inspiration for this narrow Christmas quilt is the festive season and the little space that I have that is perfect to hang a small quilt. It is a cute little quilt that can be done in two hours and it will also make a lovely gift for that special friend!



20” X 6” background fabric.

21” X 7” backing fabric

Enough fabric to bind the quilt

21” X 7” batting

13” X 5” Applique paper

Scraps (I used narrow strips)

Undecorated Christmas Tree

Isacord thread to machine quilt the background 

Shiny thread to couch and matching thread

Beads and sequins to decorate

  • Iron scraps onto the applique paper and cut a circle and a triangle.
  • Remove the release paper, position it in correct place and iron onto background fabric.
  • Layer backing, batting and quilt top and pin.
  • Use foot #74 to meander around the images. Do not quilt over the images.
  • Use foot #43 and a shiny thread and couch around the images, catching the sides securely.

Use foot #43 to couch around the bauble and the Christmas tree

  • Decorate the bauble and couch a string to the top that disappears off the quilt top.

Decorate the Bauble by couching shiny thread on.

  • Sew a binding or a facing on.
  • Sew sequins and beads on the Christmas tree (Optional)

Decorate the Christmas tree with sequins and beads and sew a star on the top.

  • Sew a hanging sleeve at the back and enjoy your narrow Christmas quilt!

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Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: applique paper, backing, Christmas fabric, embroidery thread, Loomtex batting, shiny thread

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